Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Ramblings for the Evening (7/12/05)

A couple quick notes before I try to sleep:

Usual Suspects 2? Rumor has it that Bryan Singer and Kevin Spacey want to do a sequel to the brilliant (I know it's debateable) 1995 film. My question: WHY!? Don't do it. We were left with a great ending to the story. Why would you bring him back? This is one of those films that will get made and then everyone will see it and say, "You should have stopped." Think about Godfather 3, Terminator 3, Beverly Hills Cop III, Die Hard 2 AND 3, and even The Matrix series. You will build up the hopes of the people who loved that film, and then we'll all be pissed about where this one goes. Don't do it, please.
Feet Haters. There are a lot of you out there. Students, faculty, random people, and fellow bloggers that in the last month have told me why they hate their feet, or that they just hate feet. The lovely
Meridita took a self portrait of her feet and then complained that she hates them. One student of mine panics if feet come anywhere near her. She can't even look at her own feet. It's very odd. Sure, there are people with fetishes out there for feet, but I had never really met anyone who HATED feet. Then, all of sudden, bam! Here are at least 15 people in 30 days complaining.
Cat Haters. I have said before: I have 3 cats. I love them very much and have raised them since they were tiny kittens. It pisses me off when people tell me that all cats are evil and should be killed. We associate dogs with happy, cool people, and cats with selfish people. I read this article in
New York Dog (such a freaking odd magazine) about how cat people are liars and selfish, and dog people are trustworthy and great. Drives me nuts. What if you own both? Are you wishy-washy?
Ok, that's it. I'm out. I don't want to rant tonight.


Meridita said...

it not hatred that I feel for da feets, just an extreme dislike... and i must be wishy washy to the nth degree 'cause I have a dog that thinks she's a cat, and a cat that thinks he's a dog... it's a madmad world out there. : ) should i have said 'who thinks...' intead? i put that 'cause they aren't really sapient beings, as much as i'd like to think so sometimes... : )

Admin Worm said...

Regarding cats vs. dogs...

I find that people who love cats love them for the same reasons cat haters hate them: they're too independent, they're uppity, all they do is take, take, take. I love that my cats can take care of themselves all day, and over a rare weekend my wife and I take a short trip.

Same for dogs: Dog lovers love 'em 'cuz they're affectionate to the point of drool and haven't a brain in their little heads. I find dogs for the most part rather simple and quite gauche.

Bottom line, people should like whatever they want to like, hate whatever they want to hate, but for God's sake: don't resort to cruelty. I find nothing more nauseating than when people matter-of-factly (or worse, proudly) talk about instances where they were intentionally cruel to animals.

I've done a lot of reading lately that impresses upon me the unique nature of life on earth: we are pretty much it, and the variety and abundance of life is an added miracle, if you will. For anyone to wantonly snuff life out because they don't happen to like a certain creature is inexcusable.