Thursday, October 20, 2005

Kicked When You're Down

I ran into one of my neighbors while I was out last night. He told me that Ed (the old guy across the street who yelled at his dog) died in the hospital. Talk about being kicked when you're down. Sure, he was old. Sure, he couldn't handle his dog and liked to yell at her, but he was a nice guy when you talked to him.
When I first met Ed, I was cleaning my yard, and he was struggling with a heavy bag. I offered to help him, and he was quite grateful. I ended up hearing about when he was in the Navy as well as about his wife, his previous dogs and more.
People who didn't really know Ed were afraid of him, because he liked to yell, but he was gentle person.
Daisy, his dog, has gone to live with his grandson (which will be better for her. He apparently has more room). It's not clear yet what will be done with Ed's place. I'm hoping the new neighbors will be nice.
Goodbye Ed. Thank you for being so kind when I first moved here.
Oh, and today is the one year anniversary of when the two students tried to "fork" my lawn. No one came by last night (as far as I know).


Meridita said...



I don't get it...

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I forked my teacher's lawn when I was in high school. We came in the dead of night and planted hundreds and hundreds of forks in the lawn. I wanted to write "fork you" in forks in the center, but my friends thought it would be too aggressive.

He deserved a good forking, but I'd say most people don't. I'm sure you don't deserve a forking.

faith said...

Sorry to hear about your neighbor. It is sad that so many people continue to judge people without getting to know them. Good luck on getting a good neighbor in there!

Admin Worm said...

I used to fork, but got tired of spooning afterwards.

---- said...

forking is the new form of toilet papering.

ya know leab, it was in my plans, but then those nasty family trips, they'll get ya every time.

and anonymous, we were definetely going to spell "fork you" but we didn't really have the time, due to certain umm... law enforcement personal showing up.

which reminds of when the police officer asked us what we were doing and we said "forking our student teachers lawn" and it was definetely NOT what he heard, very, very funny facial expressions ensued.

-not emma (which really only leaves one other person)

Meridita said...

Damn, dropping out of high school? Bad idea! Cos you miss out on all the forking... Nuts!