Monday, October 03, 2005

Mail Mondays (10/3/05)

Hey Kids, it's Monday. You all know what that means: Mail Mondays returns. Oh I can just see how excited you are.
Well, due to some fatigue on my part, we'll be hitting only one letter this week.
I'm really curious. Why won't you talk about politics. You put little tidbits here and there, but you always talk about how you don't want to talk about politics. So why not?

Curious George

Good question George. Let's keep it simple: I think there are way too many political pundits out there talking about the way this country should/used to/will be. It's very frustrating. A great number of people who really have no objective views of this country sit there are bitch about how everything is the other guy's fault.
But it goes beyond that. Politics makes me sick. Instead of really looking at how things are going or just truly are, people hide blindly behind their party's ideologies. "Well if this guy says that's how it is, then that must be how it is." It's wrong.
If you really and truly must know my opinion, here it is: Liberals/Democrats and Conservatives/Republicans have screwed up everything. L/D: You have made it impossible to talk about anything in this country. Everything is now offensive. For such a relaxed group, you've made conversations sort of...puritanical. Hang on their C/R: You've done just as much evil. Beyond killing the Earth, you've continued the whole "scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" kind of politics. Interesting how the War on Drugs is still funded, but keeping kids from drinking...not so important.
The bottom line: You've all taken the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the ideas of the Founding Fathers and blended them into an inedible milkshake. Are there things that politics have done to make things better? Sure. Women's rights, minority rights, etc. That's great. Truly great. However, every event that happens now is politicized beyond belief. 9/11 has become the dead horse that's a skeleton, yet we keep beating it.
I believe that politicians no longer truly care about the people they are supposed to serve. No, they care about getting that re-election campaign money. Is it any wonder that people talk about how the 1st four years of the presidency is all about getting re-elected?
That, George, is why I don't like politics. A system designed to give the people a voice, has removed the people almost entirely.
Then again, what do I know? I thought that the hanging chad was an old friend of mine dangling from a balcony. I could be wrong.

On a final note, Ironic Teachings will be sporadically posting over the next few days due to prior commitments and such.


Bill R said...

You have echoed what I have felt about politics for a long time now. I tend to lean conservative but I am for social issues too. Since when does believing in having moral values make me a right wing nut? Or believing that we need to treat our environment better make me a left wing nut? Is it OK for me to think that government should be the right size, not too big but not too small either? What does that make me? A centrist wing nut? Very good comment and one that I think more people in the USA share than most folks realize.

Admin Worm said...

You're all nuts. Politics is life. Everyone should be a pundit. I'm a pundit, you're a pundit, he's a pundit, she's a pundit, wouldn't you like to be a pundit too?

Be a pundit, an uninformed pundit...