Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Quote of the Day 11/8/05

I was all set to Ramble, but I remembered that I have a hockey game tonight. Add to that the tests I have to grade (for tomorrow), and I don't have time for the full ramble. Instead I present the quote of the day from my lovely wife.

The picture above was actually shot outside my home. The blimp buzzed by my neighborhood last week. I thought it was strange that the blimp was over a small town instead of the big cities until I realized that the blimp probably lands at the Crystal airport (not to far from where I live).

The other day the blimp had to fight gusty winds while making its way around Minneapolis. My wife was downtown for an Engineering class (I don't really understand, and I can't pretend to). So, she sees the blimp fighting to maintain control, but it's getting bounced around in the wind. "You can almost see the pilot fighting at the controls," she tells me. But then, she hits me with a gem that I deem the quote of the day.

"Yeah that blimp getting bounced around is alot like Fox 9 News. It's aimless, bouncing all over the place in order to be seen, full of hot air, and kinda pointless."

Regardless of how you feel about Fox 9 News, her comment is just plain funny. What with the new website that just shares the love for Fox 9, it's kinda funny that station is being turned on.

All right, off to the hockey game.

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