Monday, March 27, 2006

Border Crossing

I'm back.
I'm tired.
I hurt.
It was a long weekend.

There was good, there was bad, and there was weird.
I could easily write a week's worth of posts on what happened over the four days in Niagara Falls (and I just might do that).

Niagara Falls has changed a great deal since the last time I was there (which was ten years before this visit). The simple beauty of the place, such as the Skylon Tower reaching to the sky, is now overrun with neon.
However, I'll talk more about that later.
The conference was successful, but slightly frustrating and, in some ways, strange.
Again, I'll talk more about this later.
It's finals week, and I have a lot to write.


Voix said...

Bon retour, mon ami. Glad to hear your travels were safe.

cat said...

Welcome back! We missed you Leab! Look forward to hearing the stories!

Admin Worm said...

It's about time to get rid of the slanderous link, eh?