Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A Clarification

I want to make one thing crystal clear.
This is not a joke nor does it come out of anger. It is solely an explanation.
All references to any certain former members of the Fox 9 morning team have been removed from this site.
Other blogs have been deleted, posts have been removed, and names edited out.
If certain former members do not believe this, do a search for a specific name above at the "search this blog" bar. Then click on the supposed posts. You'll see the references are in fact gone.
This is all I can do.
I have requested that others remove the writings, but I cannot make them.
I, of course, apologize if this has caused any problems, but I have done what was requested of me.
Should I be missing something, please contact me by email at and tell me what actions you would like me to do.
That's all I got.
The humble writer.


Laura said...

What happened?

Leab said...

Like I said: a former news guy contacted me was...angry over a piece that isn't mine.

cat said...

Oh Leab, I am sorry things are going so shitty! Personally and work related. Afterall, you have NO control over what anyone else says or does! :) Try and hang in there!