Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Ramblings for the Evening (06/28/06)

Let's get right to it.
So without further ado: YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M CAPABLE OF!
Religious Animosity:
This is quite funny to me:
Falwell: You "Got To Be a Homosexual" for Hollywood Success
The Moral Majority's Jerry Falwell, who has campaigned for stronger regulations on racy film and television content, has told a church audience in Lynchburg, VA that the entertainment industry is riddled with "moral perverts." The Associated Press quoted Fallwell as saying during a televised sermon at the Thomas Road Baptist Church, where he serves as senior pastor, "You know, you almost got to be a homosexual to be recognized in the entertainment industry anymore." He suggested that the industry has caused the world to go "sex crazy," then added: "Movie stars not married to each other, having babies and making headlines all over the world as though they were doing some great thing. Big deal! Just another moral pervert. And for them to become heroes for our kids."

So here's my thoughts on this:
1. I got three words for you, Mr. Falwell: The Catholic Church. The headlines part especially. You call them moral perverts. Isn't pride a sin, Mr. Falwell? Don't you push to have people recognize you for your achievements? That would make you a sinner. So shut it.
2. Irony: A televised sermon. That would make him a television star.
3. You HAVE to be a homosexual? Really? Hey, Mel do you feel about that? You've just been outed. Paul're marriage is obviously a sham. Oh, and Meryl better just fess up, because ole Sheriff Falwell is in town.

Here's the deal, Jerry. Do you mind if I call you Jerry? J-Dog it is then. Look, the world has MANY more problems than this. Homosexuality is not a problem...not like pedophilia, abuse, or even murder. Pick a different target...otherwise I will have to say that the priest doth protest too much. I'm just saying.
The "No" Prize:
I used to (and I admit I occasionally still do) read comic books. I was a big fan of Batman, Green Lantern, and The Punisher. That's not the point right now.
Marvel Comics, one of the largest publishers along with DC, used to have what was called a "No Prize." Basically, if you found a mistake in a comic book and were able to explain it to the editors, then you got your name in the letters page and no prize (hence the name).
Well, Margaret gets the "No Prize" for being the only person to actually notice that I mentioned there was a big announcement coming and guessing it. All hail Princess Yoshi. Now I must practice my Mario Karting....
And finally:
The Zen of Parenthood:
There is something very zen-like about being a parent. You learn how to calm your mind in order to concentrate on what your child needs.
As I start to write this, I realize that I will need more space to talk about this, but think about what makes you calm your mind in order to concentrate on what you need to do. What makes you "flow" as it were.

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cat said...

Sounds like being a Daddy is good for you! That is great! I have to say there is NOTHING more calming that holding a sleeping newborn in your arms!

Have a great weekend!