Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Off to See the In-Laws...Again

I'm about to drive to Kansas City with my wife and son.
Not really happy about it, but I understand why we're doing it.
I will attempt to post while down in KC, but I promise nothing!
Back on Monday.
Please don't rob me....


Anonymous said...

While you drive to KC, I'm driving with my family to Beloit, moving in this weekend. In a rental car. Because the tranmission on our boat (the minivan) is quickly and surely dying. As Tony the Tiger says, "Grrrrrrreat!"


cat said...

Hope you have a great vacation. And the wife heals good!

Liar_Liar said...

nothing beats that iowa run.

LOOOOOOVVVVEEEE looking at nothing.

Jason said...

I'm looking for some chalk and erasers... so I'm inside your house right now. Maybe you have some spare gels and set pieces as well.

I smell poopy diapers in here. I gotta go.