Sunday, August 27, 2006

Ramblings for the Evening (08/27/06)

I have to go back to work tomorrow. Yes, I know: most of you have been at work all Summer, but I have to tell you...the reason I'm not happy isn't because of the work. No, it's because I don't want to leave my son.
Oh well.
On a side note, my son's grandparents need to get more with it. My wife and I bought you web cameras so you could talk to us and see your grandson. That way I wouldn't have to hear, "Oh...I never get to see him...blah, blah, blah."
Then, once I've set the camera up for you, you refuse to use it.
The outcome? I get a spiel about how you never see your grandson.
Oh, and to my sister...your mission (and the reason I called) is to setup our mother's camera for her, because she won't do it herself.
Let's just get to it before I get really angry....
So, without further ado: SKIPPER!
Changing Toons:
Look, I understand that our modern world is scary, and many people feel that we have to "protect the children," but so many changes have been made to what we watch, read, and say that it's starting to feel very constricting. When the infamous Janet Jackson "boob reveal" happened, I really didn't think it was that big of a deal. Granted, it raised the stock of Tivo as many people with the DVR realized, "Hey, I can rewind and watch it over...and over...and over."
Still, it was nothing, but the world overreacted. The boob meant that children all over the world would grow up totally craving sex and desperate to do horrible things. Yadda, yadda, yadda.
I understand that there are certain things that kids shouldn't see until they are old enough, and I sympathize that it's getting harder, but I REALLY feel that the latest issue is insane. The original Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, and other cartoons are being cut, because parents feel that they out bad ideas in kids' heads.
Ok. When Tom and Jerry were first made, they had the occasional smoke. That's how it was back then. Hell, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, and other celebrities used to pimp cigarettes on the air. Yet, parent groups are calling for the scenes of the cat and mouse smoking to be cut. This was done, but it has gone further: the duo are now thought of as too violent and could give kids bad ideas. These parents are trying to get the show permanently pulled. As in never to be shown on TV again. Sigh.
What angers me more, however, is the attacks now being put on Bugs and company. In short, these parents feel that the show is too violent.
I mean GET THIS! Ok, a few parents feel that Elmer Fudd getting shot in the face and living means that kids will think THEY can get shot in the face and live. What?!
I used to watch those cartoons. I never thought to myself, "Hey, if I jump off a cliff, I'll survive like the Coyote."
See, there's this magic thing, folks. It's called PARENTING! This is where you talk to your kids about it. You don't shelter and tell them not to watch. That leads to trouble. If I tell you not to look to your left, what's your first reaction? More often than not...YOU LOOK TO YOUR LEFT! Ignorance may be bliss, but it also means that kids are missing out on being kids. Daffy Duck as Robin Hood is a classic. Don't take that away from them because it's not (and I wish I was kidding), "Not historically accurate." That's just cruel.
Scooby-Doo may not be allowed anymore. Yogi Bear? Haven't seen him in a while. What's going on with our world that parents think these cartoons hold more power than them? You want proof? I can tell you that most kids care more about what their parents and friends think over what I tell them. It works the same for the cartoons. You want your kids to not act a certain way? Talk to them about it. DO your job as a parent.
A Stroke of Luck:
Life has a been tough lately. However, I did get some good luck today. My sunglasses exploded. The hinges fell apart...while I was driving. I'd only had these glasses since May, so I was frustrated. These glasses were purchased at Marshall Fields (now Macy's...oh wait...that's Sept 1st), so I went to the source first.
The Brookdale Mall has a Sunglass Hut in the Marshall Fields, so I talked to the manager there. She took one look at the glasses and said, "Hmm. Ok, let's just replace them."
How great is that? That was probably the best part of my day.
And finally?
How School SHOULD Be:
Done? Good.
That's what should happen in our schools. I know parents will freak out and say, "My kid won't get into (fill in the blank college) because of this."
Good. Remember that whole "Parenting" thing? This is your chance. I'm getting tired of having to be the parent to your kid.
Ten percent of that school's student population were suspended. Even better is the fact that it will only be removed from their records if they don't do anything else wrong.
The modern student is truly slipping. It's not because of the teachers (who most people are ready to blame). Are some teachers just going through the motions? Sure, and that sucks, but a lot of kids are doing it too.
I would love to see my school do something like this. Does that make me uncool? I don't care. The kids need to understand that there will be rules in life you must follow. Start now.
My son is calling. It's time to sleep.


Leab said...

Update: People in Kentucky want Conan O'Brien and NBC to apologize for the Emmy opening where Conan's plane goes down a la Lost.
They feel, "it was insensitive to the people who lost family on the Comair jet that crashed that morning."
I understand their feelings, but come on...

cat said...

I agree with you on the Emmy thing, that was planned and taped far ahead of the crash. Do they want Lost canceled as well, that has a plane crash afterall...

The whole cartoon thing... You say it just right. Parents, learn how to parent. There are A LOT worse things on primetime TV than you will EVER see on Tom and Jerry or Bugs!!! Get a life people!!!

Lastly, I say, that school had it right. Only they should also like double the kids homework load or something. I mean otherwise it is a day off for the kids. They do not care if it is on there record or not... Hopefully the parents will ground them or some sort of punishment, but as you know all too well, that is not likely to happen is it...

Arthur Willoughby said...

I'm a television-hater, Leab, but I watched the Emmys and felt Conan did a masterful job as host.

The timing of the planet crash sequence was unfortunate but it's not as if they threw it together as a "jab" at the people affected. It was long-planned and very funny, so just let it go people.

Regarding the kids being booted out of school, I have a feeling a lot of kids raised by Baby Boomer parents are encouraged to protest at the drop of a hat. Mom and dad have lost sight of the proper time and place (and age) to take on the world's problems...and indeed of what constitutes a problem.

Locking arms and protesting government-sanctioned racism was admirable. Protesting the War in Vietnam was a noble effort. Protesting your school's dress code is not noble and serves no purpose other than to further prohibit your empty skull from learning. Have some pride and humility, abide by the code and learn the difference between their, there and they're, for Christ's sake.

Arthur Willoughby said...

PLANE crash, not PLANET crash. Freudian slip; still reeling from Pluto's demotion.

Leab said...

NBC apologized today.
Did I mention that I once fell off a chair after watching Dick Van Dyke do it?
I want all chairs removed from TV and an apology....

Admin Worm said...

As long as Dick Van Dyke wasn't smoking, it's okay.