Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bad Blogger!

I know, I know.
"Leab, where have you been for the last week?!"
"What's wrong with you?!"

Ok, here's the truth, boys and girls.

1. I now have five preps instead of three. Takes up more time.
2. Poozer and I have been spending some quality time together...especially because my wife has been staying at work until 9 at night. (Odd note: I read bits of Dante's Inferno to him...he smiled. Should I be nervous?)
3. I'm very sick. How sick you ask? Urgent Care sick. Both my ears are infected. My left ear, apparently, is so swollen that my ear drum might burst (or so my doctor told me....I hate doctors.) The students have no idea how hard it has been working with them lately as I can barely hear in one ear. I took Monday off in the hopes of getting better, but that didn't work (stupid tree cutters). Now, I can't take more time off. Awesome.
4. Classes. Yeah, if you're going to teach, you have to take classes for tenure. Because the district screwed up with me, I have three classes I'm in right now. Sigh.

I promise, dear reader (and I think there's one left). I will pick it up. I actually have things to talk about now.



Admin Worm said...

Isn't it ALWAYS the case when you take a day off to rest...some idiot has to spoil it?

Damn, man...take care of yourself. The ear thing must hurt like a son of a b***h.

cat said...

I understand Leab! Take care of you and Poozer that is most important! We will be here! :)

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry your sick, sounds like it sucks.

this thought occured to me today when i was in my introduction to literature class: this is the first time in three years that i haven't seen you at school. You observed sophomore year, you student taught junior year, you taught senior year. it's wierd to not have seen you in so long.

take care of yourself, i'll patiently (haha, patiently, who i am kidding) wait for more blogging.


Bill R said...

Don't kid yourself, you apparently have 4 readers! Take care, get well.

Anonymous said...

Get better soon Leab! Ditto to BT's comment about not having you around for classes, it does feel a little strange. How are the first days of school going? What are the plays going to be (or at least the fall one)?


Anonymous said...

hey leab, now yo're just like me in the ear dept!! ..sorry, i shoudl be sympathetic, but i couldn't resist. take care of yourself. being sick is no bueno.
and i miss not seeing you around.
ms. passion

Anonymous said...

Apparently Leab your readership is higher than anyone expected. From my count, I got 7.

BTW, I've been meaning to get to the school and visit one last time before I move to Mpls.


-Robb, too lazy to bother to type in usernames and passwords