Sunday, November 19, 2006

Crawling Out of Purgatory

"Where the blue blazes you been, Leab?"

Here's the deal:
the last two weeks have been difficult.

"Why? Writing isn't that hard!"

Ok, I was in two car accidents.
The first had a man rear-ending my car.
The second was my neighbor hitting me. Not my car, me.

"Ok...that's a start. What else?"

All righty then. My "Hell Week" came and went. That's a term for tech week of a show.
I also got very sick, dealt with my sick wife and son, AND have been putting out fires left and right.
Oh yeah...and I voted and had to deal with a guy almost stepping on my son.
Oh, and I have to leave in two days and drive to Kansas City to see my in-laws for the holiday. Why? Because my wife's memory is terrible.

And I missed the party, which I'm not happy about, thank you very much.
On the bright side, I have plenty of stories, including something I hate more than modern movie attendance (trust me, Tom).

"Is that all?"

No, I've also been trying to keep up with my grades as the end of the trimester comes up.

"Well, there's no need to be unprofessional."

I hate you disembodied voice. I hate you so much.

"That's what I'm here for."

Whatever....I'll post more when I can.



JP said...

WOW!!! Leab looks like you've had a tough time....

Hope everyone's alright and doing better after being sick....

dennis said...

Wow!, I gotta hear the neighbor and the voting story now...

Arthur Willoughby said...

You're a tease.

Went to another movie on Sunday: We're doomed.

Write. Now.

Josh The Quaker said...
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Josh The Quaker said...


I hope we didn't give you too hard a time during your "hell week".