Monday, December 18, 2006

Ramblings for the Evening (12/18/2006)

Let's do it.
So, without further ado: YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME?
Sick Kid:
My son was really sick over the weekend. Nothing makes you feel like a terrible parent like your kid being sick.
He would cry, I had no idea what to do.
We tried feeding him, that didn't help.
We'd cradle him, but that didn't help.
On Friday, I left school early, because my son had a fever of 101. That's grounds to send him home. One doctor appointment later, I learn he has an ear infection, breathing issues (they think it's an infection too), and a stomach virus. Awesome.
He barely ate over the weekend, barely slept, and his fever finally broke today.
I stayed home with my son today, and I'm honestly more exhausted from that than from a full week of teaching. He constantly needed to be held, which meant I couldn't get any work done (hard to grade with a kid on your shoulders).
After another appointment today, the doctor confirmed the original diagnosis: The kid is really sick.
I just really hope he doesn't get what I had as a kid: Febrial Convulsions.
I would get really hot and then have to take an ambulance ride to hospital to help me breathe and cool down.
My sister (#2) was actually angry at me when she was a kid, because she was supposed to get ice cream...but I had a convulsion...which meant no ice cream.
As for my son...well...he's sleeping right now, but for the last two nights, he's slept for twenty minutes, wakes up, looks at my wife and I...and then throws up all over the place. It's fun.
New Nickname:
Every single in the Twin Cities better start calling Jason DeRusha "White Chocolate". Did you see his
recent story on "pimping" rides? The way he hangs with Pat Williams? Dude's become White Chocolate.
Random Thoughts:
* I miss
* My wife and I wrapped one the trees in front of our house with all blue lights. As such, our neighbors now think that we are trying to celebrate both Christmas and Channukah. Apparently, so I am told, all blue lights means Jew. Yup...forget the yellow star, folks, it's all about the blue lights now.
* I find it fascinating how Target has put ALL of its holiday decorations on 30% clearance the week before Christmas. I was picking up my son's prescription tonight and listened to this old couple talking about how cheap everything was now.
"I really like that moving bear....We should buy three of them. It would look nice."
"Yes, Doris."
Gas Station People Watching:
For some reason (call it luck of the draw) it seems I am always having to fill up the cars my wife and I drive (we switch off everyday).
Whenever I go to fill up the car now, there's a long line with people using their passive-aggresive driving skills to yell at people at keep other drivers at bay.
So, with nothing else to do, I start watching people while I'm waiting.
There's the couple who are arguing while filling up the car. Even better, with people waiting to get up to the pump, the girl slams the car door and walks off...and the guy has to chase after her. That means he's left the car...and pump unattended. It also means we have to wait until they return so the next car can fill up.
The best moment, however, comes from the guys who pull up on the pump opposite from me.
"Smokey" (apparently his real name) and "Dodge" (no idea) talk about how slow the pump is working...for ten minutes.
"This MUST be the slowest pump EVER," I hear no less than six times.

Then Smokey (this isn't a joke) lights up a cig. Dodge freaks out.
"Get that thing away from here, Smokey. I don't want to die."
"What's your problem? It's not a real warning...they just don't like smokers."
Here's my thought on this: "Let me finish filling up before we explode."
I keep telling my kids: just stop anywhere there's a crowd and just listen. You'll hear amazing things and learn a great deal about life. Try it.
That's all I got tonight.


Arthur Willoughby said...

Leab, sometimes I think we're the same person and I'm grousing under your name.

The smokers by the gas pumps amaze me. As do the folks who keep their cars running while filling up and/or talk on cell phones, which can cause a spark and thus ka-boom.

Soon, Leab, society will divide between the idiots and the rational. There will be idiot pumps at the gas station...idiot theaters for movie-goers who talk during films...I would gladly pay double the price for an idiot-free experience.

Jason said...

I almost bought all blue lights a couple years ago, and just before checking out, realized that my neighbors would think I was Jewish. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But I'm not.

And I couldn't believe that Pat Williams and I had such a vibe. He's selling me a pimped out Tahoe now. We're chillin' in the off-season.

sopheava said...

Awww, sad. I seriously had everything ready to post back on my website a few weeks ago.

We'll get there, promise. Have too many good stories not to share :).