Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Dante? Are You There? It's Me...Leab.

I have descended into Hell.
Dante and I began our walk on Sunday night, and we have worked our way down into the cold depths.
On Sunday, my wife and I got a call telling us that my son's daycare would be closed on Monday for live clean up. It seems that a parent brought his or her kid to the building without properly taking care of the child's hygiene. It's a long process to clean the whole building (which includes furniture, rugs, and more). So Poozer was to be home on Monday. "No problem," I thought. "My wife will be able to stay home with him." I forgot, however, that Hell has a way of changing the rules.
At about three in the morning, my wife rolled over...and vomited into the trash can.
By 5 am, she had a fever of 100. I stayed home with my son, but had to work and had to take care of my wife, whose fever hit 102 by noon. So Monday went like this:
Change trash bags to remove puke
Balance kid and sick wife
Get grades into computer
Take cats to Vet for shots and teeth cleaning
Sounds easy, right?
Complications arise in the form of a class I have to take. My wife has to watch my son.
Today, I taught all day, followed by another class I have to take.
But Hell is colder and continues to go down. Tomorrow, another class. Thursday...PTC's (yup it's Parent Teacher Conference time). Friday, professional development. Saturday, I start teaching an ACT/SAT preperation class. That leaves me...carry the 2...divide by Pi...five minutes of free time around 2 a.m. on Sunday.
The lucky part is that my wife's fever has broken, but the flipside is that my insomnia has become worse.
It's a hell week. That's just par for the course.
Hug your teachers, boys and girls. It's going to be a rough week for all of them.


Arthur Willoughby said...

Good Lord, man.

One word for insomnia: Lunesta. It will change your life.

Pissed Off said...

With all that, you still find time to write. Blogs are an amazing stress relief.

Your wife is lucky to have a caring spouse. I know, I have one of those too.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I just realized that your life really is hard! I don't know how you can balance everything you deal with!