Sunday, February 25, 2007

Luigi Descending a Staircase

I make my feelings on modern art widely known. Most of it, to me, is utter crap. In fact, it's less about what the artist did and more about defending it. Seriously.
This also applies to magic. David are not a magician. I'm sorry. Being underwater for several days in a glass bubble is not magic. Magic is about illusion. There was no illusion there unless it was the disappearing money to whatever TV station and corporations gave you money for that stunt. However...I digress.
Modern art has gotten odd as of late. However, I found a collection that I really like, and I'm betting
Margaret will too.
If you're a fan of video games, in particular Nintendo games, then enjoy
i am 8-bit.
Need some good examples?
Ok. How about
Donkey See, Donkey Do, Mario's Lament, and Frogger.
If you're an old school video game fan like myself, then enjoy the art. After all...this is art (at least in my opinion).

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Sister1 said...

Yo. Insomnia is a family trait as well as a way of life when one has a child (or, at least, my child....) Hot cocoa and a warm bath helps occasionally and doesn't involve drugs.

Don't worry about your sisters- the younger, thinner, prettier one is super resilient and has a great support system of good friends and a great guy. The older one is hanging steady-ish (though is also very tired) and would rather you slept than worried.

You smoked? After all the crap you gave us about smoking? Grr.

Please, please, please try to rest if you can. Your son needs you not to hallucinate due to sleep deprivation.

Re: an earlier post. How do you balance a child? You just do it. You fit your needs and work around theirs. You get really, really tired but they;'re worth it. (I've been doing this mostly solo for nearly 3 years and she's thriving. You're an awesome dad so your gorgeous, cool little guy will be fine. Just try to sleep so you can be at your best for him.)

Love you.
Sister 1