Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ramblings for the Evening (2/11/2007)

Let's get to it.
So, without further ado: I'M BACK, BABY!
An American Tragedy?:
My son woke up last night at 2. Though he went back to sleep, I was up, so I turned on the TV to find something horrible to knock me out (be it Lifetime, News, whatever). I ended up watching the news, because I was in shock.
When Anna Nicole Smith died, the BBC World News gave it a full minute. That's it. Here she is, here's what happened, the end.
Our news, however, is calling it "An American Tragedy." What? September 11th was an American Tragedy. School children being shot and killed by classmates is an American Tragedy. The death of a former Playboy playmate whose life was incredibly screwed up is NOT an American Tragedy. I'm sorry that she died at the tender age of 39, but we are the choices we make in life. She made some good ones, and she made some horrible ones. That's how it works. And you news people should be ashamed. Stop with the damn comparisons. I get that she wanted to be like Marilyn Monroe. She said it over and over again. Yes, she died at 39, and Marilyn died at 36 (and both from what looks like tragic overdoses), but if this is about the loss of potential because of her age, then we should mourn longer whenever a child or teenager is killed.
Seriously, folks, what is the fascination with this? I watched the news channels for a half an hour, and the entire time they talked about her death. On the bottom tickers were stories about deaths in other places. I guess that's not sexy. We rather look at pictures of a blonde chick with large breasts. She's dead. That's too bad, but it's time to move on to other things. Arthur Miller died and no one paid attention. Who you ask? That's part of the problem.
Anna Nicole Smith's death, though very sad, is NOT an American Tragedy. It's just a sad death.
Super Bowl Commercials:
Once again Budweiser and Bud Light won for best commercials this year. Really? Most of the commercials sucked this year. The ones that I liked were almost universally hated. I couldn't care less about the Snickers commercial (now being known as Brokeback Snickers). So these guys kiss and then "do something manly" to show they aren't gay? Who cares? The more you complain, the more press it gets.
The Dog wants to be a dalmation and runs through mud? It was lame. Last year we had the donkey who wanted to be clydsdale. This is a rehash.
The crabs? Eh...not so funny.
I did like the guy who throws a rock. That was funny.
Leab's favorites?
I love the Robert Goulet Emerald Nuts commercial. It's so incredibly random. Plus, it's GOULET.
I like the new Careerbuilder commericals. Especially the one where the guy waits for his meeting and sees his co-workers tortured. That's what it feels like at times.
And though it's incredibly depressing, I love the GM robot commercial.
I'm surprised that more people didn't complain about this commercial. Think about it. The robot represents the people who lose their jobs (like...oh I don't in Minnesota?) at the auto plants. The robot tries all sorts of other jobs it should be qualified for, including working for a realtor and the fast food industry, but to no avail. With no choice left, it makes its way to a bridge and commits suicide. We laugh at the idea of the robot dying because it isn't human, but what if a human takes the place of a robot? Now it isn't funny anymore. Still, it's a brilliant concept, because who would ever fire a robot?
Time Killers:
Outside of the posts that I usually visit screen right, I've visited some great time killers.
If you don't know these, you should check them out:
-Tom Wilson, of Back to the Future fame, is now a stand-up comedian. He
sings a song that I believe most celebrities would like to use on the fans.
Chad Vader. It's a very funny concept and quirky. Enjoy.
These should get you started. However, if you haven't done so, you should be watching
Chasing Windmills.
And finally....
And so Valentine's Day is upon us. For me, I couldn't care less. However, I love being in a high school on this "holiday." If some guy forgets to get a flower or gift for his girl, then she bursts into tears and talks about how he doesn't love her. On the flipside, many guys think that girls (and I'm quoting a student I know), "have to put out because it's Valentine's Day." Didn't realize that was a written law. Bottom line: It's funny to me because so much stock is put into this one day. Almost more than Christmas. If a gift isn't given, than everyone is supposed to get upset. And when did it become mandatory that parents, siblings, children, and pets get Valentine's gifts? Here's how I always remembered it: You got some cards for classmates (regardless of sex) as well as chocolates. When you got older, you gave your loved one a gift. That's it. When did it change?
I guess I don't get it.
Yes, I have a gift for my wife. Do I want one back? No.
It's just another day, folks. It's just another day.
Then again what do I know? I'm just a cynical and hopeless romantic. I'm probably wrong.


cat said...

Hi Leab!
First off, I agree with the Anna Nicole thing. This was NOT an American Tradegy! She was NOT a person who gave so much to help the country/world. She was a drugged out bimbo who I was SO tired of hearing about when she was alive. Who cares who her daughter's father is? We should not. I do not. The baby and the father and Ms Smith are the only ones who need to know! And as far as her death, it should be she is dead don't know how she died. End of story. Then when they find out how she died, She committed suicide by overdosing. End of story. That is how it should be in my opinion.
Personally I think that VD is a terrible holiday. My honey and I treat it as any other day. We personally do NOT need a special day to tell someone we love them. It means more to buy a gift or flowers anyday, just because you saw it and thought of them. I tell my loved ones I love them everytime I talk to them. I do NOT need to be told today is a day to tell someone you love them!
And the SuperBowl commercials, I agree did leave A LOT to be desired for the most part.
Ok, I will get off my soap boxes and quit for now. Have a great day Leab. Glad that you are back!

Arthur Willoughby said...

Hey, welcome back.

Anna Nicole: The real tragedy is that the American people threw money at this woman for no other reason than to watch her self-destruct. Ha ha ha, look at the drug addict trying to read a teleprompter, that's entertainment. Paula Abdul is next.

Super Bowl ads: I thought the robot ad was genius up until the "suicide," then it got uncomfortable. Who in the world did they test this on?

"Have to put out because it's Valentine's Day." How 'bout you kids learn to read and write; deal with sexual politics later?