Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ramblings for the Evening (4/17/2007)

Blogger is killing me. I'm leaning toward just creating a website. Yes, I ended up having to move Blogger because something went all kerfuffly, and I couldn't sign in to old Blogger.
No sir...I don't like it.
So, without further ado: MAY DAY!
Technical Difficulty:
Yes, I understand the severity of what happened at Virgina Tech. My issue here is not about what happened. That's been covered by so many other people. No, my issue is with the students who were interviewed on the major stations (NBC, CNN, etc.):
Kids, if Brian Williams, or Soledad O'Brien, or whoever is talking to you, you need to take the gum out of your mouth while talking to the nice news person.
There is nothing more frustrating then having to listen to the snapping of your gum and the chewing sounds you make as you attempt to move the gum around your mouth.
Take the gum out. It's a few minutes of your life. I think you can go Trident-less to discuss the atrocities you saw. Nothing says stupid kid like:
"So I heard the shots," popping sounds, "And we ducked in the building, "chewing sounds, "And we were scared." More chewing sounds.
You'd think someone from the network would prep these kids.
Playoff Hockey:
I love playoff hockey. Yes, the Wild, up until tonight, were getting manhandled. However, I think it's telling when the newspapers in New York are making mention of the fact that the officiating of the Minnesota Wild/ Anaheim Ducks matchup has been "poor...at best."
During tonight's game, a Wild player was sucker-punched, another Wild player was locked in a fight...when another player (from the Ducks) jumped in to fight. Beyond that, many sports pundits have pointed out that the referees have been one-sided toward the Ducks. Goals have been taken away, penalties have been ignored, and goons have been liberally used.
Tonight, Kim Johnsson gets sucker-punched by Brad May. If the NHL doesn't suspend May, then the system is broken and all the pundits are right.
Yes, there needs to be passion. This is when guys have dislocated fingers popped back in so they can keep playing. This is when guys tell the trainers to sew up a cut so they can get back out there. It's also a time when coaches put out their goons as a message (and it says something that the end of the game featured the Wild's bruiser, [he's no goon] in the form of Boogaard).
All I ask is this: Don't let the games be decided by the refs. Mr. Bettman, you asked for referees who are by the book. This seems to be why Kerry Fraser is not working the playoffs. You want by the book? Then they need to make the calls. If a goaltender is pushed down as a shot is about to be unleashed...that's a penalty. Get the refs on the ball (or puck as the case may be).
And finally:
File It, Dammit!:
Remember...you only have one hour left to get in those taxes.

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cat said...

Hi Leab! Welcome back. I always love the surprise when I check your blog and there is a new entry!

Thankfully May did get suspended! I agree with that extremely well put post! Thankfully the Wild are toughening up. But being the smaller guys, how much can they take is what I am worried about. There is not a doubter any more they can fight back! But yes, I think they got these Ref's out of Amaheim, either that or they have a lot of money on the Ducks...