Monday, June 23, 2008

Brilliant Silence

Arrested for saying one of the seven words you can never say on TV.

A misanthropic view of the world (particularly America).
The ultimate schadenfreude comic.

All of these things describe the amazing George Carlin.

When I was a young lad, I saw Carlin at Carnegie and though I didn't necessarily understand all of the jokes, I still found Carlin incredibly funny.

His piece on
flying is classic and still holds today.

And outside of his rauncy and bawdy comedy, he also narrated episodes of the children's show Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. This was odd as you heard a man better known for talking about "American Bullshit" telling stories about never giving up and depending on friends...and it was on PBS.

He influenced comedians like Lewis Black, Stephen Colbert, and Steven Wright.

George Carlin died of a heart attack on the 22nd. His wit and wisdom will be missed.

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Whynaut said...

That's a lovely and fitting tribute. And I had forgotten that his voice means as much to little Leab as it did to you, albeit in another context.

Good to have you back Ironic.