Thursday, August 07, 2008

As the Favre Jets

I feel vindicated.

When the whole Brett Favre debacle started, there was some talk of him being traded. I said, "He might end up on the Jets," and many people laughed at me.
When the trade rumors started, the teams were named: NY Jets and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
With this information, I did something I don't normally do: I called into a radio show. Colin Cowherd to be exact.
I said that Favre would end up with the Jets. "The Jets need to get on the back page again. The Giants won the Super Bowl...the Jets went 4-12. If Favre comes to the Jets, they grab the headlines, the fans buy more jerseys, and the tickets get snapped up."
I was called a meatball. I was called an overzealous football idiot.
The sports pundits from around the globe said Favre would retire before he became a Jet. I held steadfast.
Today, Favre became a Jet...and immediately the pundits talked about how it wouldn't work and how "Vegas" says it will fail.
I tried calling back into the Colin Cowherd show, but the producer wouldn't put me on the air.
So let's cover this again.
1. Favre brings in revenue. Yes, I would rather see him in Green Bay. It's like Unitas going to San Diego and Montana going to Kansas City. These people look wrong with another uniform on. Favre will too, but he will make the team and himself millions. Favre will become an icon for the city. He also will make people watch and buy tickets for the games. It makes sense for the Jets, who are close to a new stadium to get a name player.
2. Favre gets publicity. The Jets were the forgotten team. Like the Mets in the late 90's to the Yankees, the Jets were losing the pages of the Post and Daily News to the Giants. Favre will get them that publicity. It may not all be good, but it will be there.
3. Favre is a better QB. The NFL is a QB driven league. Sure, you want the running backs for the fantasy leagues, but the winning teams over the last few years all had great quarterbacks. Are the Jets going to win the Super Bowl? No. Is Favre a better QB than Pennington and Clemens? Very much so.
4. "Vegas" is not always right. Who was supposed to win the Super Bowl last year? (Hint: It wasn't the New York Giants...but they won.) Look, Las Vegas Bookies cap games. Sure, they can be very right about games...but they can also be very wrong. Several sports pundits talked about how "Vegas" says the Favre trade won't help the team. Well, "Vegas" also picked the wrong teams for the Super Bowl the last few years. Don't always trust "Vegas" because "Vegas" wants the money.
So to all you sports know-it-alls who have radio shows, tv shows, blogs, and more and told us folk who believed and said that Favre would be a Jet that we were idiots: Suck it!
Now, today should be the end of the mass media frenzy where everything is 5 BFPM (Brett Favre's per minute).
Oh, and John Madden will now be living in New Jersey.
Of course what do I know? I'm a meatball, baby. I could be wrong.

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Evan Lee said...

Props on the prediction.

I think you are discounting Favre. He is what they call in Mississippi 'All jacked up'. He was like that when the Falcons went and dumped him, and he became a HOF'er.

He is dangerous. He came soooo close last year,losing to the World Champs that took out the undefeated 'Pats'.

Here's my prediction: if he makes it to the playoffs or the SB, the chant will be replaced with


Jets Jets Jets!