Monday, September 01, 2008

A Pre-Show Laugh

I was going to talk about how tomorrow is opening day (the real one as students arrive).

I was going to talk about how hard this year is going to be as most of the students I really like are gone or are in PSEO.

And I was going to talk about my jitters. Five years in, and I still get nervous the night before I start teaching.

Instead, however, I am going to paste this incredibly funny comic (on multiple levels) from one of the best sites ever: xkcd. If you haven't seen their stuff before, click through it. While many people have fallen in love with Garfield Minus Garfield (which is hysterical), I remain a staunch supporter of xkcd.

If you're a teacher, then good luck tomorrow.

If you're a parent, then be kind tomorrow.

If you're a student, then be awake tomorrow...and have a good day.



Voix said...

You'll party like a rock star, Leab. Good luck!

whynaut said...

You'll do very well- no worries. Those students are lucky to have you.