Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dry Dock

As I prepare for the start of the second semester of my high school, I feel a great deal like the guy in the boat.

As of today, I'm really not sure if I will be voted to or even be allowed to speak at this year's graduation, but I do know that my speech is going to be about not accepting the mediocre.

I'm also curious about this news story about how everyone being connected and online makes the young folks smarter than the older generations. Of course that depends on what the definition of "smart" is. If they are saying that being able to navigate an iPod makes you smart, then, yes, my son is smarter than my father. However, if it is being able to take the knowledge and apply it, then most of the students I work with are severely behind their peers.

Here is an article that covers some of the issues I have right now about how we all need to be heard.

I seem to be rambling. Maybe it's time to bring that back...and for me to try and sleep. I hope to talk about some of the modern issues I'm seeing in education soon as well as some other observations. I know this blog has been sporadic as of the last year and having two kids will do that to you. I will try to post more often.


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sopheava said...


I truly hope you will speak at Graduation ... your words will stick with those kids.