Monday, April 11, 2005

I Know More Than You Do....

Have you ever been at your job, just plugging away and getting the work done, when a co-worker starts telling you what to do? This person hasn't been on the job as long as you have, and he or she does not know what you're working on. Still, this person is convinced that he or she knows better than you do. Now I have no problems with suggestions. "Hey Leab, if you did it this way, would it make it easier?" That's a great way to ask me or encourage me to see it another way. But here's what pisses me off: If you have never once done my job or lifted a finger in the profession I am in, don't tell me how to do my job. For example: if you are an actor or actress and have never EVER done tech before, don't come to me while I'm building a set piece and say, "I think I can do that better." Really? Then shut up and help me. Don't make a flippant remark and walk off. That makes you a diva. If I create a special piece for you and have gotten you to check it along the way, don't come to me two days before final run and tell me, "This isn't working for me. Change it." That just makes me want to laugh in your face and tell you to get over yourself.
I mean really, if you are giving me tech advice, can I give you acting advice? No? You don't like it when someone tries to affect the way you approach the craft? Wow, now you know how I feel.
And on another note: Kallie loves Robby. Remember that kids. That's why she smiles so much.

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