Sunday, April 10, 2005

Ironic Theatre 4/10/05

Today's production stars Mark, a friend and former colleague of my wife. Mark is a very funny and very wicked person (which will set up tonight's play very well).

The scene: A very rainy night in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
A man is standing out in the rain. He is homeless and looking for help. As he searches through a trash can, a car pulls up and the passenger side window rolls down. The driver is Mark, a thirty-something year old engineer. Mark looks over the man and begins to speak.

Mark: You look cold and hungry.
Homeless Man: I am. Could you spare some change?
Mark: C'mon. (He waves the man toward his car.) I'll get you someplace warm.
Homeless Man: Really? Thanks man!
As the man starts to move toward the car, Mark laughs and hits the gas. The tires spin and Mark.....goes nowhere. The car's tires are slightly worn down, and the street is slick from the rain. Slowly, after about five seconds, the Homeless Man starts to realize that this was all a prank, and Mark realizes the car is not going to go anywhere. Mark lets off the gas and looks back at the Homeless Man.
Homeless Man: Sooo....Are you not going to give me a ride, or money, or anything?
Mark: Uhhhh. No. Good luck.
When Mark hits the gas this time, the car catches and shoots off. As he speeds off, he hears the Homeless Man yell at him.
Homeless Man: Thanks for nothing, asshole. As if my life wasn't hard enough already.

And now the moral of tonight's play:

This is a two-parter:
1. Don't try to mess with people for fun, because it will eventually backfire.
2. If you're going to try and pull a prank like this, make sure you have every aspect covered.

This has been Ironic Theatre.....

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