Friday, April 29, 2005

Tidbits 4/29/05

It's been a day just like every other day, but a few things happened today that are worth mentioning:

Here is one of the funniest blogs I have ever read. No wonder it won an award. Check this one out.

I love when the most random things possible happen when you aren't expecting them. I went for Greek food for lunch today. I went to this little place called the Athens Cafe (to me, it's the best Greek in town). After waiting for fifteen minutes and getting my food, I returned to my car in order to eat with some nice music and air conditioning. As I sat in my car and eat my gyro, I looked at a car parked a few spaces down from me. For some reason there was this movement that kept catching my eye. Something was moving. As I studied this car more closely, I figured out what the movement was: It was a head moving up and down. It seems that I stumbled upon a blow job. That's right, it was a guy leaning back, and a woman giving him some head. I was shocked as it was 12:30 in the afternoon and in broad daylight. I realized after five seconds of gawking that I needed to look away or I would soon lock eyes with the working woman. Still, he looked pretty happy. The only funny part was that as she worked, he was sucking (and I do mean sucking) on a beer bottle. It gave the whole scene a really different feel.

The other funny part of the day occured at the gym. Have you ever seen that commercial for Vonage where the guy falls on the treadmill and gets pitched? I witnessed a different version of it up close. Here's why you can't flirt and work out at the same time. This guy, we'll call him Shemp (as in the Three Stooges) was on a treadmill next to a gal about ten years younger and waaaaaayy out of his league. As they were running, he kept turning to her and trying to strike up a conversation (I admit it, I people watch at the gym when I work out). She ignored him. Finally, as the treadmill was rocking away, she turned to him and asked him a question. Not thinking, he turned his body to talk to her. Bad move. His foot slipped, he went down and was thrown back. Even Ms. Treadmill couldn't help but laugh. Still, she check in on him. When I finally left a half hour later, they were sitting together talking. Maybe he wasn't so "clumsy" after all.

I am going to attempt to be a weekend warrior starting tomorrow and get some work done around the house. There's staining, hanging, and general carpentry that needs to be finished.

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