Thursday, July 21, 2005

And Now...Master Leab

Well, I'm done. That's right. As of 8:15 tonight, I finished my final Master's class. Done, finito, no mas, das Ende. I will only have to walk on to the St. Thomas campus one more time in order to pick up my diploma. After that, I'm gone.
After all the money I've sunk into that school, and after all the crap I've put up with from them, I cannot tell you the relief that I am feeling now that I am done. It's very strange to me that I now have a Master's Degree. I can remember the day I received my Bachelor's Degree. That, to me, was the proudest day of my life and it happened with such pomp and circumstance (no pun intended). Today, however, I don't feel like I've done something special. No, I just feel like I've completed a walk down the street and back. There has been some pretty scenery, but nothing really special.
It's weird.
I do admit that right now I feel really tired. That's because all the pressure I've been under to finish has passed.
So, here's a toast to myself and anyone else that finished their Master's today at St. Thomas. Congratulations. Now go get a job.


Voix said...

Woo Hoo! What's your degree? That must be such a good feeling. Chapeau!

Leab said...

Master of Arts in Teaching.

Admin Worm said...

Congratulations! Tremendous news! Me...well, ironically all I literally accomplished today was walking down the street and back, but as the kids say: baby steps.

Enjoy a well-deserved weekend. I hope you relax to the point of bedsores.

Leab said...

Ha ha. Nope, my obsessive compulsive nature won't let me relax. Now, with so much free time, I have to paint my house, fix the garden, build a raised bed, and on and on it goes...