Friday, September 23, 2005

An Open Letter to Xcel Energy/Northern States Power Co.

Warning: This post contains salty language. You've been warned. However, if you are under 18 and reading this, why aren't you looking at porn or something else you're not supposed to? This is boring stuff kids....
Dear Xcel Energy/Northern States Power Co.,

I have been without power for 36 hours (or three days if you go from when I lost it on Wednesday night. I understand that some people have lost entire houses, and I agree that's very tragic, but here is where my problems with you begin. In order to help you fully understand, I am going to list them:
1. You were here and did nothing: That's right, you sent a truck out to repair downed wires in my area, and your people repaired the main road...and then left. YOU LEFT! My neighborhood is still completely dark. The only reason I can even write this little letter is because the school's library is open. I understand that my little neighborhood is nothing compared to say Andover, but to have a truck here and then not help us is unfathomable. That's like seeing two drowning kids, grabbing the closer one and then saying, "Eh, I'll come back for the other one later." It's inexcusable. If I had the equipment, I could fix the line. It just needs to be reattached.
2. My neighborhood is predominantly old people: My wife (who is gone, so I get to deal with this alone) and I are easily the youngest people in this neighborhood by about 25 years or so. My next door neighbors on one side are 60 year old women. Heck a few doors down from me is a diabetic who can't keep her insulin cold! That's a problem folks. I have been giving out as much as I can. I always keep extra batteries, flashlights, and bags of ice. Usually for emergencies, though the ice is for parties. These people need their power. I don't care that I can't watch TV, or check email, but when the woman down the street can't take care of herself because her medicine won't work, that's a problem. Of course, this leads to my third and biggest problem,
3. Your customer service is the biggest crock of shit ever: Ok, I called you to let you know the power was out, and was thrown to the automated service. With no power yesterday, the same thing happened. Then last night, I called and decided to talk to a person. Here is where you pissed me off. The person I talked to told me that I, "could always go to a hotel," then chastised me for being angry. "NSP is currently sending six teams to New Orleans to help in the relief effort. Because we're short staffed, repair may take longer." Have you not noticed another hurricane is about to hit? What the fuck are you going to do? Repair the lines in hip deep water while rain pelts you? Let me give you a tip: Water and electricity don't mix. When I explained that there were older people in my neighborhood, this person told me that I, "should pay for a hotel room for them then." Again, WHAT THE FUCK? Lady, I'm a teacher. I don't get paid enough money to do that. How dare you suggest that I should take my entire neighborhood to a hotel so they can all share a room. Here's an idea, why don't you open your home and let us use your shower, fridge, and phone.
Perhaps the worst part, however, was when your customer service agent tried to use New Orleans to defend herself. "Sir, this isn't New Orleans. Your situation isn't dire and at least you don't have to evacuate your home." Lady, first of all you really can't compare apples and oranges. That's what this situation is. Secondly, how do you know it isn't dire? What if one of the reasons Ed (the guy who yells at his dog) had to go to the hospital was because his machines weren't working properly. If he dies, can his family sue you for saying that we aren't as important as other neighborhoods?
NSP/Xcel: It is inexcusable for you to have someone on your customer service staff who makes light of a possible bad situation. I already had one neighbor go to the hospital. Do more need to go?
It's not just you, however. I have asked the cops to drive by our neighborhood and been told they, "would try." Gee I feel safe now. On a hunch, I decided to walk my neighborhood around midnight to make sure all was ok. What did I find? Three kids about to try and TP a person's house. The minute they saw me, they booked it. They even left the toilet paper. Stupid kids.

All I ask is something simple: Don't put us off to last. Where is the new transformer that you promised this neighborhood over a year ago? You put that off, and we lose power almost as quick as when a squirrel jumps on a Los Angeles power line. Bring light back to my neighborhood please. There are older people who need to light and power in order to continue living. Or is this your way of adding to natural selection? Do your job and bring back the power.
Then again, what do I know? I'm the guy sitting in the dark in Robbinsdale.


Admin Worm said...

You could do without the fucking profanity, shithead.

He he he.

Cat said...

so true, so true...Very well said. As usual, great work Leab! I have been a admin worm reader for a long time, and recently started reading yours, and I must say, I LOVE it! Great work. I look forward to checking out both your blogs every day!