Sunday, September 18, 2005

Ramblings for the Evening (9/19/05)

I'm still on the East Coast. Well, let's just get to it, so without further ado: NO WHAMMIES!
East Coast vs. Midwest...Coast:
The thing about the Midwest is that everyone is very reserved. East coast people, not so much. I was over at Home Depot (I may be here to help my family, but I can also help my sister with her housing issues), and I didn't make the turn because too many cars were coming through the red light. The person behind me was not happy. In the Midwest, there would be a honk, followed by a person just muttering to him- or herself. Here, this is what happens:
The person honks several times. Not enough, he gets out of the car and walks up to the driver side. After a 30 sec, profanity-laden tirade (in front of his children no less), he makes a rude gesture and gets back in his car. After taking turn, he is unable to get a parking space, so he does the same thing to the next person who has taken his desired space. Gotta love the East.
How to tell you're tired: (a la Jeff Foxworthy)
You know you're tired if you repaint something twice, because you can't remember what you did before.
You know you're tired if, when you're replacing a lamp post, you try to lick the wires to make them fit (Trust me, DON'T DO THIS! It really hurts).
You know you're tired if you walk into a door one minute.
You know you're tired if you can't remember that person in front of you is called, "Mom."
You know you're tired if you lock a door and then try to open it.
Home Improvement:
It's amazing to me what can be done (and occasionally needs to be done) to homes. Right now, I need to finishing painting my home. My sister, however, has a house that needs a lot of work. Over the weekend, I painted her deck fence, a few parts of the house, the railings, a table, and then fixed the tile in my parents house, replaced a lamp post, and more. The fun (or not fun) part of owning a home is that the "improvement" NEVER ENDS.
Wow, that's all I got. Sad. Shows how tired I am. Have a good night folks.

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