Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Fun With Lists (Part Deux) 11/30/05

Ok, so Meridita had this list on her site, so I figured I would answer it here. This is tough, because it makes me have to open up, which...I'm not so good at...seriously.
Do you have any:
Allergies: Pollen
Phobias: Nope
Irrational fears: That my wife will wise up and leave me.
Siblings: Two older sisters
Girlfriends: I have in the past. Umm...married now. I have friends who are girls though...that count?
Pets: Three boy cats (all 8 years old).
Tattoos: No Comment
Friends you don't like: Yes, unfortunately.
Pet peeves: Talking in movie theatres, bad driving, bad sports ettiquette, bad manners, total ignorance
Have you ever been:
Arrested: Yup. Thanks alot Pope John Paul II
Engaged: Si.
Married: Currently so. Five years in March
Abroad: Yup. Europe, Canada, and the Caribbean
Hospitalized: Yup. It sucks
Heartbroken: Sigh. Yes. It was very bad.
In a fight (of the physical variety): Yes. A few times. I used to have a VERY bad temper. Most recently I threw down with a fellow Master's student.
What is your favorite:
Movie, Actor: This is WAY too hard. Movie: Hmmm, uh...I guess The Salton Sea...for now.
Actor: No idea.
Album, Musician: Also too hard. I'll go with Moby, 18.
Author, Book: Carter Beats the Devil.
Piece of art-work: Anything by Carravaggio.
Story to tell at a dinner party: There are alot. I've had a weird life. I could talk about my first date with my wife, or many others.
Story to tell on a first date: Swimming with Dolphins in the Galapagos, and how it relates to life.
Bar, locally: I seem to always end up at either Harvey's or The Independent.
City, in the country (and/or in the world): Hmm. Ok, in America: New York, hands down.
World Wide: Munich.
Yourself, using ten adjectives: Humorous, loud, loving, introspective, philosophical, tired, eccentric, damaged, devoted, loyal
Your dream home: The Una-Bomber's Cabin...Ok not really.
Where you want to be in 5 years: Teaching high school possibly in somewhere other than Minnesota.
Where you think you will actually be in 5 years: Uh, probably teaching high school here and taking care of my child.
Your ideal partner: My wife. No one else I know has that much patience.
A time when you were most happy, or at peace: The first time I learned to meditate. I managed to shut it all off. The happiest? My first kiss with my wife.
The memory you wish you could forget: Walking in and catching my ex and her boyfriend in flagrante delicto.
The trait you most deplore in others: Ignorance
The trait you most deplore in yourself: Overt dependence on logic. Understanding of human condition (makes conversations hard).
There you go. Me, myself, and I in black and white.
Tomorrow, should nothing else go wrong (knock on wood) Slander a la Leab.
I hear a rapping, a gentle tapping...on my chamber door....Nighty night.

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Meridita said...

Nice! (I was channeling Napoleon Dynamite with that one.)

Good to have you around the blogosphere again, pal!