Monday, December 12, 2005

Mail Mondays (12/12/05)

Short and sweet.
How about some mail?
It's been thin this week.
All the emails I have received have been...really negative. I was reading
Sopheava's blog (yeah I read other people's blogs), and she had a wonderful comment about the ups and downs. Well, it's been really down for awhile.
For every nice comment I get, I get about seven or eight negatives. There was this HORRENDOUS email I will comment on from a guy who attacked me for being a teacher as well as for making Norm Coleman look bad. Wow, who knew that a guy read by, what, four...five people wielded so much power. Look out Drudge!
The truth is I am way down. I've been fighting it hard, but with so many things going right, I feel...wrong. Whatever. It doesn't matter. That's not why you and I are here.
To the mail!
Multiple comments that read as such:
Hey Leab
You suck!
(Note: Multiple variations on this.)

Dear Anon,
You're right. I do. You want funny? Go to Worm. You want political views on the world, go to the
Aggregator. I have said it many times: I'm not worthy of being on the Aggregator. I'm not pretty, computer savvy, living it up in the nightlife, or even Minnesotan. You know what? Write Rex over there and tell him. Don't just sit here and say, "You suck," over and over again. Be proactive. Tell Rex to remove me, tell the people who read me to stop, and write me a simple email (you know where) and tell me to stop writing.
I will.
I write for two reasons. Two simple reasons:
1. I write in the hopes that someone, somewhere sees what I have done, what I think, or what I've seen and it effects that person to change the world, themselves, or whatever, or just plain laughs. There's way too much depression in the world right now.
2. I write to organize my head. To empty it and to make my brain stop running at full speed.
That's it.
But if you want me to stop, do what I suggest above, and I'm out. I'll delete the blog and walk away. Just do it in a manner that's more gentlemanly (and I know you're a man) then just leaving comments.

I had another piece of mail here, but I kinda flew off the handle, so I edited it out.
Look, I had a...not great day, so I just need to sleep and think about things.
I have a major announcement, but that will come when the time is right.
Unless this blog is gone in which case I'll leaving a note before it goes.
Hug your loved ones, be loved, and feel needed.


sopheava said...

Ack, don't go because of a couple of uptight pricks that feel the need to unload on you. They probably have screaming children and irritable spouses.

I mean if you're gonna go it should at least be on your own terms, outside the boundaries of what anyone else thinks.

BTW, love your blog!

FAITH said...

First off, I am sorry to hear you are so down! I know that it is really hard to do anything when you are feeling that way. I wish I had a magic wand and could make it all better, but, I do not. I am afraid I lost it about 30 years ago, and have not found it or any other magic wand since then. Damn it!
I agree with what sopheava said. Please do not leave those of us who love you because of a jackass or two! (They are not even man/women enough to put there name on their negative comments) But just because there is a spoiled sport out there, doesn't mean you have to quit writing for the rest of us who love it. He can just stop reading your post if he does not like it.

Admin Worm said...

I hope the major announcement is positive, not negative.

As far as the anonymous idiot(s) leaving comments, f**k them. Don't you dare quit writing because of a couple a**holes.

Anonymous said...

They're wrong.
I'll send you an email.
Oh, and Rex too.
Where can I find his email?
You suck!

Leab said...
There's the only email I know for him.
Tell him.
Go ahead.
I'm a man of my word.
One to me, one to him, and you have to tell others to stop reading me.
Then I'll go.
Show me how serious you are.

Jason DeRusha said...

You can't leave Leab! I only read about 4 blogs regularly-- you're one of them. If you go, I'm down to 3, and then I get my "blogger" credentials revoked. Then I'm just another member of the MSM! I'm evil! I'm awful! I'm sitting around waiting to skew the news cuz I'm scum! Don't leave!

Admin Worm said...

In my 'umble opinion, any comments left by anonymous sources aren't worth responding to. Anyone who doesn't have the balls to put their name, or even a nickname, behind their opinions isn't worth your time.

They're just fucking with you anyway. It's probably a disgruntled student upset because you didn't call on them the one and only time in their lives they actually had the correct answer.

To hell with 'em. You'll disappoint me if you cave in this easily, Leab. tb