Monday, April 24, 2006

I'm a Bad Monkey

I know.
I haven't been posting lately.
All I can say is sorry.
I'm just trying to find the time right now, which is REALLY hard.
With the seniors charging toward the end, Spring in the air, and students trying to shut down on me, I'm having a hard time getting online to write.
I promise it will increase, but it will take time.
I'll have a lot to talk about, but, again, it takes time.
At least the show is over.


Voix said...

Hang in there, honey. We'll be around when you get back.

cat said...

I agree with Michele. We are not going anywhere! We understand! :)

Mom said...

Hey you. Cheer up. This time of year even your father, who has taught for 40 years, is scrambling and behind, with papers to read, exams to grade, pollen in the air (not to mention Spring). Anyway, be grateful for RSS. We can put you on our home pages now and be notified when you write. This development may even change the nature of blogs themselves.


Jason said...

Is that really your mom? It's never good when a parent discovers a blog.

Leab said...

Yes, it really is my 65 year old mother.
Tres hip, mi madre.

dennis said...

Now I know where your funny captions come from, I've got a doozy for you this week.

Admin Worm said...

Hi, Leab's mom.

Hi, Leab.

Write when you can. Blogging is hard.