Monday, April 10, 2006

Mail Mondays (04/10/06)

I totally and utterly forgot my own anniversary. No, no, not my marriage anniversary, but the anniversary of my beginning this blog. That's right, it's been one year. I guess if I forgot already, then I can just talk about it later.
So, I actually have some mail as well as some other stuff to talk about. I know, I can't believe it either. What can I say?
Let's get to the mail.
When you were talking about students talking smack about you and then needing your help....Were you talking about me?
Concerned Student #10

I got a couple emails about this, strangely enough.
Yes. I was. Today was just another example. If you truly have everything and want to talk about me, cool. Again, you don't get to totally and utterly go after me (and yes, seniors, I get that this is your last quarter. You have nine weeks, or maybe it's eight, left, then you get to leave), you better HOPE that it won't bite you in the ass. This is how it works:
When the bridge burns, I sure as hell am not going to be rebuilding it. Before you set that fire, you better think hard.
It's kind of sad, really. This year's Seniors were the first class I ever worked with as a teacher. I honestly love a lot of them (I'm using "love" here, folks), but with little time left before they go off to college, many of them are acting like I have nothing left to offer them. Wow, a man at least a decade older than most of them knows absolutely nothing? Good to know. Sorry, Dad, you got nothing left to tell me. Moving on....
Look, are all of them treating me badly? No, there are a few who actually have sought me out and asked questions about what to expect next year.
I said it before: I don't care if you rag on me. Go ahead, I am the authority figure. I don't care if you want to make fun of me to my face. I even don't care if you sit there and think the things I tell you about my life are crap. That's your opinion. However, you don't get to join the group, attempt to belittle my life, then come to me later and ask me how those stories shape a person's life. It doesn't work that way.
If you really think you don't need me anymore, cool. That's your opinion. Just don't come crying to me about life and say you need me again.
When the bridge is burned, I'll be on the other side. You burn it, you own it.
Eight weeks, kids. Make sure you know exactly where you stand before casting me (or any teacher, friend, or person period) aside. Think long and hard.
That's the best (and in some cases last) advice I can give.

If you need a second opinion, ask Jolene. She knows.
That's really it for the good mail this week. The rest was...well...feh. I won't name names in any of my stories, so stop asking (students, directed at you).
I have to thank Dennis for
this. The Easter Bunny video is one of the funniest I have ever seen. Go, see it, and enjoy.
Tomorrow, ramblings, and I guess a blogaversary.

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Congrats on Blogging here for a year!