Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Odd Night

It's late (for me to not even try to be asleep).
I've had a really odd night. Ran into people I would never even think of seeing normally (Yeah, I met Norm Coleman tonight at the Wild game. That was odd...more on that tomorrow).
Basically, I'm in strong meditation as I prepare for my in-laws visit for the holiday (Easter...not Passover, you silly geese).
Tomorrow, I will tell you about the game, my blogaversary (I threw a party...and nobody came...oh well), and more.
40 lines of R & J down, hundreds more to go.


Leab said...

Ok, so I guess I'm not posting tonight either. I feel like crap, had a bad day, and probably inhaled WAY too much of spray paint fumes.
I'm not quitting, I'm just tired.
I'm just glad Margaret and Worm are back.

cat said...

That is ok, we understand. I am going to check back tomorrow and see if there is something then. I agree, I am SO happy Worm is back!

Voix said...

Hope you have a good holiday with the in-laws.

Good luck!