Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Definition of Ironic: Random Edition I

I wanted to post this yesterday, but I got really busy.
There are so many times when I wish I had a camera with me (I'm not Margaret...or like most MNSpeakers), but this is too perfect to not talk about this morning.
I drive home on 94W everyday. Sometimes I take 394, sometimes I just go to Dowling Ave, and sometimes I go down 55. A multitude of ways of getting home.
Back to the point. As I made my way toward the Lowry Tunnel, I saw two cars pulled over on the side of the road. Two men were standing nose to nose and screaming at each other. Traffic was slow enough (because of YOU DAMN RUBBERNECKERS) that I could see this. It looked as though a major fight was going to break out.
Now the reason why this is ironic is because above these men was the Minnesota Public Radio electronic sign which flashes the headlines of what the people on MPR are talking about that day. As these men are standing toe to toe ready to battle, the sign flashes to its new headline. I look up and it says:

Road Rage Down in Minnesota.


cat said...

Oh, that is priceless! :-} HAHAHA

dennis said...

That is nutz. About Like the time I saw my neigbors kids a while back under a sign that said Slow Children