Friday, May 19, 2006

Has It Really Come To This? (5/19/06)

The Minnesota House of Representatives passed a bill 114 to 17 that would levy fines on minors caught buying or renting M or AO rated games.
Bill SF0785 "prohibits a person under the age of 17 from knowingly renting or purchasing a restricted video game and prohibits an owner of a retail establishment or an employee from renting or selling a restricted video game to a person under the age of 17."
Violators would be fined up to $25.
The bill has already passed the Minnesota Senate and could become a law by August 1, if Governor Tim Pawlenty signs off on it.

So this is what it's come to? We need to pass a law to stop kids from buying or renting the "wrong kinds" of games? Come on! Seriously?

This is ridiculous. It won't work, folks. The more you make it unacceptable, the harder these kids are going to try and get these games. The fine is $25. That's nothing for some of these kids. If they can shell out $600 for a PS3, do you really think $25 is going to stop them? Why are we wasting our time? This isn't going to solve anything. Great to see our tax dollars at work, isn't it?

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