Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Town Hall Times

So I read DeRusha's blog everyday.
I noticed that his
latest entry is lovingly sarcastic when it comes to Katie Couric.
My question: Should I feel guilty that I have been invited to be one of the "community members" she is meeting with tomorrow morning?
That's right. Ole Leab has been invited (in no small part thanks to DeRusha) to meet with Ms. Couric and discuss issues, "that are important to you and your community."
I have a great deal of things I could say, but I really don't want to be:
A: Taken into custody, and
B: Beaten to death by Minnesotans who hate transplants (of which there are too many right now...you know...that whole "Murderapolis" thing is being put on the people who aren't from here....)
So, while Jason is "Duluth", I will sing his praises and pimp him out WCBS. Hell, he'd do well in New York.
Right now, I'm thinking about talking about (what else) education issues.
Anyone have anything they'd rather have me talk about with her?
And how funny is it that I, an angry transplant, have been asked to talk about what issues are bothering me.
I assume Ms. Couric, seen here during her cheerleading days, will probably nod her head, appear interested in what we have to say, tell a P.A. to write some notes, and then disappear.
After all, the invite says, "No Press, No Cameras, Just Conversation."
The email also made it clear that WE are not to bring cameras to this thing.
I would imagine that's bad for P.R. Here is America's newest sweetheart and yet we, the general public who CBS hopes will watch her, are being told not to expect autographs or photos.
Personally? I don't care. I don't buy into the whole "celebrity" thing. Never have. When I was a kid, I worked at a fair selling raffle tickets. Then mayor Ed Koch came. I walked right up to him and said, "You're Mayor Ed Koch, you're going to buy some raffle tickets from me."

Both he and his aide (or friend or whoever he was) stared at me in disbelief...then they both bought raffle tickets.
I once met Mark McGwire at a restaurant in St. Louis. Again, it was just like meeting anybody (for me at least).
I've never been one to be star struck.
So if this thing tomorrow turns into a giant "Oh my God, I LOVE YOU!" fest, I'll be pissed. I'm going in order to actually get issues on the docket. That's it.
Plus the free food. I mean old habits die hard, folks.
So thanks, DeRusha, for getting me in to this little shindig. I'll try not to embarass you too much....
No really.


Jason said...

I was just going to e-mail you and see if you are going... I'm glad they asked you. I can't imagine it'll be a love fest. They didn't invite fans.. they were trying to get real people who would talk about real stuff.

You have no idea how much I'd love a shout-out, though. :-)

cat said...

I think that Jason would be great in NYC, but then we would lose him here :( That would be SO SAD FOR US, But it would be great for him, so definately pimp him out!

That sounds really interesting, let us know how it goes! Hopefully you can get some good issues talked about...