Thursday, August 10, 2006

Poozer Patrol

My wife had to have surgery today.
I have been up for two straight days, and it looks like it will be three as I need to take care of Little Leab AND my wife.
I'm tired, haven't eaten in 36 hours, and I'm frustrated as all hell at doctors.
Thus, this will be my post for the night.
If MN Speak puts up my post, then you can read about how I got drugs at North Memorial Hospital for my wife without having to show ID.
That could be trouble.


J.P. said...

yeah dealing with docs can be frustrating...... how did you managed to get drugs without showing ID Leab...... Well I will ttyl Leab

Jason DeRusha said...

It's on

Hope your wife is doing OK. Enjoy the drugs.

Liar_Liar said...

What hospital was that *ggrabs fake prescription pad*

Kidding, hope the wife is ok.... try sleeping, soon you will be no help at all if you do not nap, sleep deprivation is a method of interogation for a reason.

Leab said...

I'm still working on the post about the whole deal. It's coming, I just need more time.