Tuesday, September 05, 2006

First Day 2006...With Students

They're back.
I'm tired.
Yes, it was the first day of school.
What a day it was.
Let's see....
First of all, we've gone to a six period day, which means less class time, but more classes to teach. That's not necessarily a positive thing.
It was nice to see my advisees, however. Most of them were excited to see me. Hugs were abound (but don't tell the district, or I might get fired).
The unfortunate part was trying to help them understand our brand new schedule. We used to have four periods. So the schedule read 1-4. Well, now that we are in the six period day, the schedule is 1-9. Where 4-5 is fourth period, 6-7-8 is fifth period, and 9 is actually sixth period.
You get it? Good, because most of the kids couldn't.
So how are the classes?
First period is Seniors. 42 kids. They want me to roll over and make it all easy for them.
Second period is also Seniors, but my class is in the Chemistry Lab. 39 students. That class was made all the more fun when our new district superintendent arrived with a camera crew to look in on us. I made sure to look right at her and the camera and make mention of the fact that I was teaching an English class in a Chemistry Lab. She, of course, smiled and then left with the principal (who later hugged me for being so forward).
Third period...well, that's where it all changes. English 9...regular. Freshman. They think I'm nuts. It's hard to go from the fast moving, developed brains of the Seniors to building the basics of brain with Freshman.
Fourth period is my extremely short prep.
When fifth rolls around, the day gets hard again. Both fifth and sixth are Freshman English IB (or the kids who are supposed to be very smart).
The hard part for all the classes is that this year's Freshmen and Seniors don't really know me, so when I do my schtick, they just stare as if I am crazy.
It's going to be interesting.
Wow, I'm tired...and I think I just want to go play with my son now.


JP said...

Awww poor Leab don't you wish you could go back to the Fall of 2004 classes..... :-) You know we were the best and no class will ever compare.

cat said...

That is one goofy schedule... Both yours and the kids. Good luck! I am sure when the kids get to know you, they will love you!

Arthur Willoughby said...

Don't bank on it. I've known Leab for quite some time and find him more annoying each day.

Leab said...

Awwww. I love you too, Tom.
You're still bitter I wouldn't start that Onion blog with you.
We could still do it....

Anonymous said...

Yours is the one class of the day I look forward to.

Arthur Willoughby said...

Gee, Leab...I'm blushing.

Is Slanderizer back? If not...good riddance.

You mean it, Leab? You have time for such pursuits in addition to hating your job...blogging for seven hours per day...and taking care of your son?

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say that I'm in your fifth period English IB class.

It's seriously the best class of the day.