Monday, September 11, 2006

Ramblings for the Evening (09/11/06)

My son is sick. Three months...then he starts daycare and WHAM! Pink eye.
With my wife just starting work today, I may have to burn a sick day since he's contagious. I don't know.
I should be grading, but with my kid sick...forget it.
Let's get to it.
So, without further ado: CAROLINA PICKENS!
Ironic Karma:
This is going to sound really harsh.
Anna Nicole Smith's
son died in the hospital room where she was giving birth to her new daughter.
Now I am not one to ever say a person should die, but after the way she has treated others around her, after the way she has lived her life, and after the way she has behaved, it's almost like Karma took her son away from her for all of her boozing, drugging, and sexual misconducts. She married an old man for money, and now she'll get it...but not with her son. It's sad that a twenty year old kid died, but it's ironic that a woman who almost destroyed her life...may have destroyed her son's. Of course we'll wait for the autopsy.
And finally:
Here's Your Dream HOME....:
Now get out.
A guy from West Virginia won HGTV's dream home which was supposedly worth $3,000,000.
That's great, but he can't afford the taxes for the area, which are $19,400 a year (and you want to bitch about the $2,000 you have to pay a year). So, he wants to sell the 5,700 sq ft home and retire to West Virginia. The problem, however, is two fold:
1. No one is sure he can get the money for the house, and...
2. HGTV isn't sure he should be allowed to have the money for selling the house so soon after winning it.
I find it fascinating that you never hear about this aspect of those million dollar homes: the property taxes.
Now, if the home had been built in the middle of nowhere (have we met...I'm Wyoming), then the taxes might have been lower.
Still, could you imagine how much it would suck to win a contest only to discover you couldn't pay for the prize?
This is, by the way, apparently the same problem that people on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition keep having. They can't cover the new property taxes.
Now if you'll excuse me, my shack awaits me.


Admin Worm said...

Wait a minute...$19,400 per mortgage...that's only $1,600 per year, an amount a lot of folks pay for just a mortgage.

It shouldn't be any of HGTV's business what he does with the place. Do they have some rule in place saying he can't sell the place? If not, big middle finger to HGTV.

The guy should put it on E-bay.

Admin Worm said...

Excuse me, $1,600 per MONTH. Still a hell of a deal.

Liar_Liar said...

Ummmmmm......... Karma does not 'kill' others to make sure you get yours. Karma is a personal episode, if it had killed her??? ok. Please god tell them to understand what they speak of before assuming.