Monday, October 16, 2006

Ghosts of the Past

Apparently last year's theatre kids came to the school today. I saw only one of them...and that was by chance.
I'll be hiding in the booth....
Don't tell anyone.


Anonymous said...

i saw you in the hallway and was on my way to talk to you and then i was told that you would be at practice, so i could see you then, so i stopped. and then i went to theatre practice and guess who wasn't there?! you!!
this makes me sad. perhaps i shall just e-mail you about the joys of life and the whole college experience, sighhh. i guess that's what winter break is for. you can't avoid me forever, i know where you live, ha ha ha ha ha ha. (the irony of that.)


Anonymous said...

Are there any elevators at school?

Hope not...

Then again, there aren't any creepy music teachers, either.