Monday, October 16, 2006

Grading Time

I love grading time.
The teachers are frustrated by trying to get everything in on time.
The students are worried about the grades and (for a few days) change their behavior in order to hopefully boost them.
Today I had a student bring me food in an attempt to suck up.
"Mr. Leab...I heard you like Starburts, so I bought you a whole bag...for no reason."
Here's how this should really sound:
"Mr. Leab. I'm freaking out about my grade, so I am attempting to bribe you with food in the hopes you will nudge my grade up...and you won't move me."
This student's attempt failed.
As for getting my grades in....Jeez that's hard. We have to use the online grading system, which I hate. I don't trust it. I've put things in before only to find that it wasn't saved. It's annoying.
Then again, it could be worse. Some of my colleagues have talked about times where they had to fill out cards. Card after card of grade that was then turned in so the grades could be sent. That would suck.
I get that the computer is supposed to make it easier, but there are so many steps. Even the manual we get is about the size of War and Peace. Keep it simple, dammit.
And then there are the parents. "You haven't taken into account that my son has (fill in the blank disease or issue). That's why he's failing."
No, he's failing because in six weeks, he's turned in one assignment. Plus, he doesn't listen in class. You want to help, get him to listen.
As a side note, I'd like to welcome all of my students who have stumbled on to/searched for/ taken by force my blog. Let me make it clear to you that it's not that big of a deal, and you can't blackmail me, so don't try it.
Then again what do I know? I'm just the teacher with three bags of Starbursts in his desk....I could be wrong.


Anonymous said...

We shouldn't be able to blackmail you anyway. It's just generally a bad idea to put things on the internet if you don't want people reading them.

Which is why emo kids need to make their Livejournals "friends only."

That way, NOBODY will ever read it.

Nic said...

I was talking about the grades issue with a SpEd teacher today and finally pointed out that I had never seen an IEP that actually had, "Do. Absolutely. Nothing. EVER." written into the goals and objectives.

Why can't these parents see how damaging their enabling behavior can be?