Monday, June 25, 2007

No Longer A "Baby."

My son turned one on the 2oth. He's officially a Toddler now, as his doctor told us. Time to move away from bottles. It's all about milk now (whole milk at that) instead of formula. Table foods (well, he's been doing that for a while) are on the menu.

It's so strange looking at him now versus the day he was born. See for yourself:

The picture on the left was his second day alive, the one on the right was taken by a gal at daycare on his birthday. Yes, the hat is cheesy. We bought is for him, because the women at daycare refer to him as, "Prince William." This is because he is:
A. one of the only boys in the room,
B. the only really cute AND nice boy,
C. "William" and there was a "Harry" in the room once upon a time. (Get it? English Princes?)

And yet, it's still odd to me that I am a parent. Don't get me wrong, I love my son. I still feel that I am not worthy to be a parent. That somehow I'll screw up and cause irreversible damage to him. But I also know that my sister and my parents and their parents all felt the same way. At night, when the darkness creeps in and the brain burns off the excess images stored in it, we have horrible dreams about children falling or getting hurt. Even worse, is when something happens. On Saturday, my wife went out to garden and took Little Leab with her. He was playing on the patio, and then fell off into the wild roses. He was lucky. No thorns got stuck, nothing in his eyes, but he did get scratches on his face and hands. In fact, as my dorky self would point out last night during bath time, "It looks like the Harry Potter lightning scar." And it does...but that's not what you're supposed to think about. Of course it also looks like the cats went to town on him.

Parenthood is tough, but it's fun. Strange but true. It's fun.

Of course what do I know? I'm still waiting for my nineteen-year-old self to show up at my door and beat me senseless. I could be wrong.


And Happy Birthday, Little Leab. I'm glad you were born.


-bt said...

your son is soooo cute!
thanks for the picture!

p.s. i think i need something better than bt as a nickname, it's kind of old now, haha.

Ironic said...

You'll always be my Waterbottle Girl...WG!

Cat said...

Wow, time flies. It seems like just a few weeks ago, you were posting about little leab coming into the world... He is precious and so cute. Thankfully he was not hurt in the roses! And from everything I know of you (which is just from this blog) I would bet you are a great Daddy. The kind all kids wish they had. I really mean that! And I agree, I think all parents have that fear of messing up their kid and turning them into the next serial killer or something. But I just cannot see that happening with you. Have a great day and wish little leab happy birthday from me.

-wg said...

awwww, waterbottle girl, i like it. i'll go with WG then.