Thursday, June 21, 2007


and the living is not so easy.
So school's been out since the 13th, but I haven't posted. "Why?" you all ask. Ok, the one reader left asks....whatever.
As soon as school ended, my wife and I took off for Kansas City. Yup, went to see my in-laws. That, in itself, was a whole different story (which will be the next post).
Other reasons for not posting? Well, in the course of the last week, I got my first case of Pink-Eye (never had it my knowledge), had a fever of 102, and started a class to finish my second license (Theatre). Here's the fun part. While having Pink-Eye and that temperature, I still tried to go to class. My wife feels I'm...what's the idiot. On Monday, I couldn't keep my eyes open while trying to explain technical theatre lessons. Then yesterday, I could barely stand up and could feel my brain burning as I tried to explain more lessons. You see, I'm the only technical theatre person in the class. I'm also the only person not doing professional theatre right now, so I'm at a disadvantage. Even worse is the segregation. Yes, the dreaded "S" word. As I am a techie, I sit by myself on the other side of the table. No one wants to sit with me. Yes, it could be the sickness being easily seen, but predominantly it's the techie label.
As a side note, I hate being sick. Who doesn't? Still the fact that I have Pink-Eye is funny to me, because it makes me think of South Park. If you're a fan of the show, you'll recall there was an episode where zombies attacked the town, but everyone thought it was Pink-Eye. I found myself wandering around St. Thomas wanting to say, "Piiiinnnnk-Eyyyyyye."
The end of the school year? It went well, I guess. It was anti-climatic, and I'm not thrilled with how my students did overall. I also enjoyed the things they wrote on my final evaluations. They were quite funny, and some were even original.
That's all I got right now. I'm going to go pass out now.


Margaret said...


Wow, pink eye?! I've never had that... what's it like (besides the whole brain-burning, zombie thing).

Get some rest and get well!

sopheava said...

Oops, got a little happy on the trigger. It's me.

cat said...

I am sorry to hear you are sick. YUCKY! Hopefully little one will not get it from you! I am glad you are back writing. I miss your blog. I check in every day and LOVE to be surprised with a new post! Hang in there!