Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sometimes Life Beckons

So I take off with my wife and son this morning to go grocery shop.

As we speed down 81 toward 94 (and Maple Grove), my wife says, "Did you see that?"

"See what?" I asked.

"That sign." she replied.
"No," I said.

Then we passed another sign, and I saw why she was perplexed.

The sign was advertising a wedding this afternoon at 2:00 PM, and EVERYONE is invited.

I thought I read it wrong, so I doubled back and went to look at the first sign. It truly is an open wedding that anyone and everyone can attend if they wish.
This sent my mind spinning. What kind of a wedding could this be? Who are these people who want everyone in the world to come to the wedding?
It seems crazy to me.
Now I don't know the people holding this wedding. I do know the house. Or at least I know that house that was dressed up for the wedding. In the winter, it's the only other house besides mine that I've seen with blue lights. The difference? They actually have a giant Star of David on their roof. It's there year-round. It's a little gaudy (not to mention God-y). The dressing for the wedding was sparse. A few streamers, some tables, and maybe six balloons. Not a big wedding I would assume.
Sooooo. Who wants to go with me this afternoon? Any takers? No?


Cat said...

oh man, I so would have gone if I had read this on time... sorry it is now Tues...

As far as the hockey player and his friends go, what a bunch of stupidheads. (Not very mature or creative, but I am having a brain freeze for a better thing to call them) You get warned and warned again and still do not know to stop???? I just do not get it...

Missy said...

Oh, I would have gone!!