Wednesday, August 01, 2007

35W is Falling Down...Falling Down.

I was having a miserable day, and then 35W collapsed.

I learned my son has to get tubes, he's sick, and I haven't been sleeping, and then 35W collapsed.

I was feeling down on myself, on the world, and then 35W collapsed.

I was there...on that very bridge. I missed the collapse by ten minutes.

My wife called me worried as she watched the news thinking something had happened to me and she would have to raise our son alone.

I had so much to say about the state of the world, and then 35W collapsed. Now all I care about is hugging my son and wife and trying to figure out what makes me so lucky and those others not.

And why do I feel so guilty?

Hug your loved ones tight.


cat said...

I am thankful you and family are ok. So are me and mine. Please do not feel guilty, feel blessed, and lucky. We cannot control fate. I think a lot of us have mixed feelings now. I think it is part of the horror and shock. But what do I know. Nothing except, you should not feel guilty for being 10 minutes before this tradegy occured!

On another note, I am sorry that Little Leab has been sick, and has to get tubes, but at least he will feel better hopefully once they are in. And it is a pretty routine surgery these days... Best of luck though! Keep us posted please!

Arthur Willoughby said...

How many people are wondering, "If I hadn't used the bathroom at work at the last second, I'd have been on the bridge."

How many people skipped the bathroom trip?

I've had a distinct, 9/11-type feeling the past couple days, Leab. I can't even envision what happened yet. This will affect our cities for years.

Glad you're okay.