Tuesday, September 04, 2007

One Day Down...

nine months to go.

I know Voix feels like her mojo is coming back. I don't feel it yet. I feel more like the me I really am is being stuck back in his cage and ole' Teacher Guy Leab has been given control again.

This is not to say that I didn't miss it. I did, but if everyday is like today, with the repitition of my own voice forever and ever, it's going to suck harder than a Dyson.

At the same time, I'm starting to feel like the villains in a cartoon. Ultimate power, but with the same damn result everytime: losing.

Five times today, I gave the same speech to every class.

Five times the kids nodded their heads and read through the syllabi and such.

Five times kids left the homework or the syllabus or whatever I told them to take with them.

Of course I had the kids who challenged authority. Of course I had the kids who had heard stories about me from siblings or other kids.

"Did you really throw a cell phone out a window?"

"Did you really get up on a desk during Romeo and Juliet?"

Basically, there were a lot of "Did You" questions.

Why so many questions? Because I have five classes of freshies. 200 freshmen. Yup.

This is also why I feel like Aku. I have the power to give the students so much, and many of them just want to use Samurai Jack to hold on to that ignorance.

At least I have my own room, right?

Of course what do I know? I'm a glorified mule. I could be wrong.



Arthur Willoughby said...

I've always wondered whether teaching is a lot like it's portrayed in "Election." They do a montage of Matthew Broderick's character teaching the same lessons, every year...all that changes are the clothes.

Teaching sounds fun...but also frightening as hell...maybe even boring.

Missy said...

I admire you for teaching. Did you really throw that cell phone?

Voix said...

Oh man. 200 9th graders. You've got a way harder load than most teachers -- Good luck and Hang in there! Congrats on surviving the first week and take my advice: NO extracurricular advising with that adorable baby at home!

Josh said...

200 freshmen?

Good lord.