Sunday, September 09, 2007

Ramblings for the Evening (9/9/2007)

First weekend while back at work. Too short.
Oh well.
Without further ado: DENY!
The 50 Cent Irony:
The MTV Video Music Awards are in Las Vegas this year, and 50 Cent was performing outside in a pool.
So get this: He almost gets electrocuted. Why? Because he set himself up, that's why.
He has this stage on the water. Already we have a mixture of electricity and water. Brilliant.
Now, he tosses money in the air (thus "Making it Rain") and at the fans. The people watching charge the stage, and it begins to dip toward the water.
"You're going to get electrocuted," the rapper yelled, but when it comes to free money, is anyone really going to listen?
So, he pulled an Axl Rose and walked off for the night.
He threw the cash, so he should know what's going to happen.
Still, his night was better than Britney Spears, who apparently looks and sounds terrible. Awesome.
Steve Jobs is a genius. So anyone who bought an iPhone and complained is getting $100 in store credit. That means that the people who spent the extra cash are not getting that money back but are getting money to spend at the store. It's brilliant. These people think they're getting something, but really they're just being setup to give the money (along with some extra cash) back to Apple.
Bravo, Steve Jobs, this is the reason why Apple is now so successful. When the public figures it out, will you become part of pop culture and be abandoned? After all, the thing that made the company truly popular was being part of counter culture.
and finally...
Hatred Happens:
Several of my students came to see me on Friday. As one of my colleagues puts it, "They're your cult."
It's true. I have a cult. Not the point.
These kids come to see me for various reasons. A few actually clean my room for me after school (which is nice as it gives me time to actually breathe). Some come for advice or whatever.
So as I sat there waiting for my wife to come pick me up (Her car's battery died, so she had to get it changed, and with one car, she had to drop me off and pick me up), and the kids start talking to me.
One kid says, "You know that there are a lot of kids who hate you? Doesn't that bother you?"
And I thought about it. It didn't bother me, but why not?
Why didn't I feel angry or upset over that fact that some kids I taught couldn't stand me? The answer was simple: Hatred happens. Everyone is capable of hate.
But what is hate? Also simple. Hate is an intense emotion. To truly hate a person, you either had to have an expectation of liking or truly like a person. Then, when the expectation is destroyed, or the person does something that truly betrays your trust in them, you begin to hate.
It happens. Everyone hates a person. At least one. You can say you don't, but that's a lie, and you know it!
I know who I hate. There are two people in the world. One destroyed my heart, while the other almost killed me. Both, however, betrayed my trust.
You know the old saying. "You can't please all of the people all of the time."
I know I can't. So if you're one of those students who doesn't like and is reading this. Well...first of all, what are you doing?
Secondly, I'm sorry you dislike me, but that's your choice. I can't change who I am.
Then again what do I know? I don't have anymore stalkers. I could be wrong.


Arthur Willoughby said...

I have a stalker. It's scary.

Amazing how 50 Cent lives and breathes but we lose the best and brightest before their time...Bill Hicks...Douglas Adams...the list goes on and on.

Arthur Willoughby said...


I have four people in the world I can be said to genuinely hate. And I'm not talking the "get a drink in me and I'll slur 'I hate them' type of person," but a bona fide case of having thought about it and having to grudgingly admit that I hate them.