Monday, September 10, 2007

Ramblings for the Evening (9/10/2007)

Let's do it.
So without further ado: MONDAY! MONDAY!
Brilliant Satire:
As you may or may not know, I am a big fan of satire. Here is a
brilliant sendup of Monty Python's "Upperclass Twit of the Year" (see the original here).
Basically, it makes fun of Hipsters (who are easily dislikable as the video shows), and does it in a way that anyone who doesn't know what a hipster is will know by the end. Awesome.
Track Him All!:
It's interesting.
I have this blog. The students and my colleagues can find me if they wish (some choose to read, others just scoff), and my family knows if I'm alive or dead through here.
And yet I have not been found by those from high school or college.
Part of this is easily explained. If you search with my full name (which I assume someone might if looking for me), you don't get this blog. In fact, other than a few links to my quote in USA Today, you don't get much (which is quite amazing considering how large the net is).
So I have some anonymity. Some....
It does worry me that I know students are watching. Not in a Big Brother sense, mind you, but there is something disconcerting.
It's almost like being a comic and not being on the stage (I saw this happen once). Then, as you're out trying to enjoy yourself, a person comes up and says, "'re that comic! Be funny right now!"
When students see your thoughts and read your writing, it adds a little pressure. You know there's an audience.
I don't worry about Tom. I should, but I don't. He keeps coming back, because he sees a kindred spirit in depression and rage (more rage here than depression, but I was told yesterday that I must be depressed...long story).
It's interesting to me as well, because a student just had to ask me today, "Mr. Leab...did you have, like, friends in high school? Or were you like totally alone?"
"I knew alot of people," I responded.
"Oh....Yeah....You just seem like everyone loves your humor or totally hates you."
"I see," I replied. "Thanks Dr. Phil."
"Nothing," I muttered.
So here's the thing. I was pretty popular in high school. I knew a lot of people and got invited places. I was also a hub in college (a lot of people passed through my house on a daily basis).
And yet now...I really don't want my world to be that large. I could easily go on Facebook or MySpace and join friends and such, but I don't want to at all.
I like that my world is now small. It's my wife, son, and a few people. We place way too much emphasis on numbers.
"Oh, I have (X) number of readers of my blog."
"The number of friends I have could fill a bar."
"My MySpace has (X) more friends than yours."
Why do we care? Have we as human beings become that shallow?
Maybe this isn't a new thing. Throughout known history the idea of status has been important.
"I own a Mercedes."
"I have a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes."
Hell, most people will lie like dogs when they return to their reunions. I went to my five year reunion (as you may
recall) and listened to people tell stories about who they worked with, what they did, and what they own.
Am I supposed to be impressed that you live in New York and own a Jaguar? That means you:
A. Spent $50, 000 for a car that's...well...not as good as it used to be, and
B. You pay roughly six to twenty thousand dollars for parking alone.
Wow...what a waste of money. Meanwhile, I own a know...where the parking is free.
It just saddens me that we no longer truly value intelligence in people.
Of course what do I know? If I was so smart, why aren't I rich? I could be wrong.

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