Friday, October 31, 2008

Another Sad Day for Parenting

I missed Halloween, which kind of angers me to no end as I was really looking forward to talking Lando (now two years old) around the neighborhood. Instead I am in Dallas.

All is not lost, however. Last night was the Halloween Spooktacular Party ('til you drop dead) at my son's school. Indeed, we partied.
However the best moment of the night came during the dancing. The school hired a DJ so the kids could dance...and boy did these kids dance. Unfortunately, Poozer is not really a dancer yet. He's more of a place...and then falling and laughing. Except..the other kids followed him.

Anyway, best moment. Lando is "dancing" and over comes Krista, another kid in his class. She is dressed as a cheerleader for the Vikings. It makes sense that she comes over as Little "IT" is dressed as a football player. Krista takes his hand and they jump/dance together. After the song ends, Krista turns and plants a gigantic kiss on Lando. Krista's mom, who had been all smiles until this point, sees this and screams across the room, "Krista...NOOOOOO!!!"

Needless to say, my wife and I were dying of laughter.

Little "IT" had no idea what to think. It was if he was in a daze from being kissed (a feeling his father knows all to well).

While I may not get this Halloween with him, at least I have something to hold as a memory of him enjoying it.

Tonight, he went Trick-or-Treating with his mom. He had a ton of fun I am told. The picture of him is with his friend Nicholas as they get ready to head out and get candy. He's a train engineer...for Thomas.

Happy Halloween and Namaste.

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