Saturday, July 09, 2005

Insomnia and the Web

When you can't sleep, you end up looking for random things to occupy the time. Unfortunately, I was able to finish my book, so I started looking around for odd little sites to occupy my mind until I got tired again (I haven't gotten tired yet). Anyway, this quiz is quite funny, and the site it is on also has some other quite interesting quizzes (I am apparently not a great American). Though it can sometimes be a dark place, the web really is a wonderful tool for the person who cannot sleep. A few nights ago I read about the history of Kyoto. Why? Well, it just popped up while I was reading a former college friend's blog. She now lives in Japan teaching English to corporations.
Oh, and if you have a television (some people don't, nowadays), you should check out the movie
Defending Your Life. It's an absolutely brilliant and quite funny look at what could be waiting for us when we die, along with a message about life. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Ok, on with the rest of the day now.

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Admin Worm said...

Defending Your Life is my favorite movie of all time. I stumbled upon it on HBO in a hotel room many years ago, and have watched it 100 times since. I honestly believe that it probably comes closest to representing what will actually happen to us in the afterlife. It sounds dumb, but the film has actually changed how I live my life. The underlying message that conquering your fears is what life is all about has made me do just that. I don't want to die with any fears.

Albert Brooks is God, and as such I forgive him for the In Laws. Just don't do it again.

You're so right that anything and everything a person could want to see (good or bad) is a mouse click away. Why then do I actually grow bored at times on the Internet? I feel as if I've visited all my "Favorites" that I've seen all there is to see. It's crazy.

If you really want to kill time and brain cells, visit

Anyway, sorry about your insomnia. I suffer from it to...for over a decade now. Last night I tried Lunesta for the first time. It's supposed to be a miracle sleep drug. I'm not yet convinced, but we'll see. Beats sucking down a Xanax and an Ambien every night.