Thursday, February 16, 2006

Big Favor

I'm trying to be nice.
I'm tired. It's been a long week (with the only real sunshine being the visiting lecturer to a colleague's film study class).
Now, my blog has changed...and it may change again.
See if you can find those changes.
Imagine you get a letter. After a long time, a person contacts you out of the blue and asks for a favor...a large favor. One that requires you to make three and a half hours worth of changes.
Essentially, this person needed me to do something for them, and I had no choice but to capitulate and do the deed.
Am I happy about it? No.
Do I like the way it was presented to me? No.
Would I like a favor back? Yes, but will I get it? No.
The key to life is being able to adapt. No adapting, you die.
I'm trying to adapt.
And yes, I meant what I wrote yesterday: I do read those blogs (and more) daily. Reading is the greatest way to expand your mind.
That's all I got tonight. I really don't want to go to court.
Until tomorrow,


retroavocado said...

No more Sherno Search!


retroavocado said...

Well, that AND! You linked to me... heh.

Voix said...

I'm so sorry! Good luck avoiding the need to hire a defense attorney.

cat said...

I too am sorry! I hope it all works out, without having to go to court. Afterall, it was just fun! Hang in there Leab, your loyal readers support you all the way!

Jason said...

I don't want you to go to court either! Let me know if there's anything I can do...