Monday, February 13, 2006

Mail Mondays (02/13/06)

Ah, the night before Valentine's Day. I once read, and I have no idea if it's true, that VD is the third largest time of suicide in America (after Christmas and Thanksgiving). What a strange tidbit. Well, that's just how things go I guess. I'm tired. Very tired. My classes are tough this semester. I'll get there, but it's tough.
I've been getting many people looking for the backwards Jingle Bells deal I posted a while ago. (It's
here if you must see it.)
Let's get to the mail:
Most of it was strange this week.
What's with ripping on your fellow bloggers?
Was it really for "links to your blog" like DeRusha said?
That's not cool.
A Fellow Blogger

No, no, no, NO! It was NOT to get more links or traffic or whatever. I think DeRusha was kidding (you were, right Jason?), but I'm not sure. Look. They say that press of any kind is good, right? Well, I just sort of...slandered the people I read the most (though I neglected a few people in order to use them in round 2....Yes, Virginia, I am a bastard).
Did Sopheava respond? Sure, she even had a post about it. Did DeRusha say something? Sure. Did Girl Friday say anything? No. Why? Well, probably because she didn't see it. And if she did...uh...I'm not funny.
Look, I did it because I figured they could take a joke (they can) and it would be funny (I guess it was...I don't know. I have a hard time deciding if I'm funny. Long story).
If you laughed, sweet. If not, sorry.
That being said: Steve. If you ever read this. I need another...good picture of Margaret.
What's the story with the "giant pain of driving home" on Thursday?
You tease...but don't deliver.

Wow. A little passionate.
Ok, so, as you know, it snowed on Thursday. I left the school I work at in St. Paul a little after 2:30. Usually, it only takes about 30 minutes to get home (traffic, stop lights, and such). It took me over an hour. People seemed unable to deal with snow on the roads. OOOOOHHH, let's drive 10 miles per hour in between two lanes because we have no freaking clue what a lane could be. Do we suddenly forget HOW to drive because we can only see the lane lines twenty feet instead of every foot? Sigh.

To the point.
As I drove up Hwy 100, I was passed by a brand new red Ford Mustang doing at least 65 (I was going 55 due to the snow and the guy in front of me). Right as the car passed the guy in front of me, he swerved and spun out. As the car traveled across three lanes, everyone panicked (except me...I'm a freak). The Mustang finished its spin right into the side wall. Too bad, because it was pretty. Anyway. About ten minutes pass. I'm still on 100 (again, people in front of me can't find the lane) when I hear that familiar purr. The Mustang, now dented in the front, shoots by me AGAIN. That's right, the guy driving hasn't learned his lesson the first time. He shoots by me and is unprepared for a car to switch lanes. He hits his brakes...and spins out again, but this time it's in the middle of the highway. The car in front of me slammed into the Mustang and gave it a second dent. I managed to slow down and move lanes without a problem (that's what happens when you don't drive like a maniac).

It's amazing to me that some people just cannot and will not learn after the first mistake. It's like touching a hot stove. Oww, that's hot. Hmm. I'll touch it again to make sure.
Que idioto.
That'll be it for tonight. I'm tired, and I have a lot left to do.
Until tomorrow,


Jason said...

Sometimes I read the letters you get, and I think of Admin Worm's Who's News. Who writes this stuff? Anyway, of course I was kidding. And that's why I'm writing here. To see more of my hilarious comedy, log onto

Again, that's

I'd never resort to posting somewhere to drive traffic to my site. That's silly.

cat said...

I agree with Jason, where do these letters come from?!?!

Some people are just plain stupid. I mean, do you really have more money and lives than time. Sometimes I feel that way. If I had a Mustang (I LOVE the new ones) I would be so careful with that thing. And come on people if you spin out once, wouldn't you think to slow down. Some people are just SO stupid! It really irritates me, because then they go and do something stupid, like his SECOND spin out, and cause an accident for some person who was being cautious and smart in there driving, and back up traffic for all the rest of us. ARGH. Sorry, I will stop ranting now. That type of thing just gets me going!

Have a great day Leab, and hang in there! And Happy Valentines Day!

sopheava said...

Steve knows better. I have all the passwords to his website and without me, well, his site would look like your site!

Ha ha ha, I'm so funny, thank you. I'll be here all week.

Kidding. KIDDING!

Seriously, people write in with that kind of stuff? I don't think I've received a sassy-mouthed email, well, ever. Are you sure it's not just DeRusha trying out his new schtick?

Jason said...

I need a new schtick.